Explained: Pay As you Go Cell Phone Plans

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Pay As you go plans are a mode of cell phone payment which help you to purchase huge number of minutes which you can use for weeks or months. You can even choose the billing on a daily rate which means you will pay only when you use the phone. There are many people like teenagers and elders which get a huge benefit from these plans. If you are a Virgin Media fan then you can even get pay as you go phones on Virgin Media.

Pay as you go phones plan

Cell Phone Finances

  • Prepaid Plans and Pay as You go are not the same: The Pay As you Go minutes last for months but prepaid cells have to be paid monthly
  • Only use when you have unlocked Cell Phones: You will save money if you buy a phone with a wireless provider
  • Use When you don’t have credit: When you are not having money to call, you can use the minutes in your Pay As You Go phone!

Ideal Customers

  • Get Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plan For Emergency only: If you want to make emergency calls then Pay As You Go works awesomely !
  • Use Pay As You Go Cell Phones plan like a trial for a service provider: If you want to test out a new service provider then it is best to use Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans!
  • Use it if you want a low tech phone: Company’s like Virgin Media are giving such phones for $14.99!

Setting Up

  • Will Your Phone work? All of the phones are likely to work but there are some exceptions too
  • Check out the stores for perfect offer: Check all the stores for best offers because the prices and the offers vary from store to store!
  • Want Text Messaging too? : If you have text messaging then it will use your plan quickly.


Now here comes the most interesting and cool part, I would be telling you all the advantages of Pay as You Go Cell phones Plan. The main and the biggest advantage of Pay As you Go Cell Phone Plan is that there is no Contract! This means you don’t need to shed more money out from your pocket. Well this is a major reason people like to buy Pay As you Go Cell phones plans instead of the normal contract phones. Suppose you are moving to a new location but sadly the contract you have doesn’t gives good network in the new area! That’s where Pay As You Go Cell Phones Plans come to rescue!

Next Big Advantage is that when you lose your job, you don’t need to worry about cancelling the contract, in Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plan, you can just stop using your device!

Another Advantage is anonymity. With this feature one can avoid people who might be stalking one and you can just get rid of that person by just changing your number and get a new device with it!


Just like there are 2 sides of each coin, it is similar with the case of Pay As You Go Cell Phone plan. We know about its advantages but now it is time to get to know about the disadvantages of Pay As You Go cell Phone plans.

The biggest and the worst part of Pay As you Go cell Phone plan is that when you run out of minutes, there is a lot of hassle in purchasing minutes once again and when there is an emergency situation and you run out of minutes, you may curse the time when you got this type of phone!

Now comes the second disadvantage of Pay As You Go cell Phone plans and that is Mobile Selection. These days everyone wants to get the latest mobile device but when it comes to Pay As You Go cell phone plans, it is not sure that you will be getting the device of your choice just after its launch! Big Phone companies have special plans and contracts for the newest phones according to which only few carriers can have the latest phones and when it comes to Pay As you Go cell Phone plans, you need to wait until your hair sheds from your head!

That was all, Advantages and Disadvantages of Pay As You Go Cell phones plan. Now it is upto you whether you buy one or not.

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