Fast-paced Casino Games

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If you want to make a quick buck, then fast games are the best option for you. These games are based on speed, but there is a catch. You also need to make quick decisions—decisions that make sense. If you make bad calls, you lose. 

Today, we will share with you some of the best fast games you can learn where you can earn good money if you develop your skills. We will no longer include free slots instant play, or paid ones. Even if slots take only a few seconds to grant you a win, it does take a little while.

Pai Gow Poker

An all-around table game, Pai Gow is a kind of poker that has an Asian touch to it. In this game, you have to beat the dealer. To do this, you have to get acquainted with the pace of the game. Although many people say it is slow-paced, you can turn it into a fast-paced game if you make quick calls. Here is how it works: 

  • A dealer and players receive 7 cards.
  • You set the cards into two distinct hands.
  • One is a five-card hand, and the other is a two-hand card.

If you beat the dealer’s hands, you win. You have to beat both hands to win. If it’s just you and the dealer, this game can help you earn big bucks in a short period of time.


One of the world’s favourite table games, blackjack, is simple, and anybody can make quick decisions. The technique here is to memorize what is called the basic strategy. From there, you can move on to a technique called card counting. Here is how blackjack works:

  • You and the dealer get two cards each.
  • The dealer’s card is face down.
  • Your card, if added, must total 21 but not exceed it.
  • Anything over 21 is a bust, and you lose.
  • You can draw more cards if you want.
  • Your hand must be higher than the dealer’s.

Whether you are playing one deck or four decks, blackjack has a basic strategy that tells you whether to stand, hit, or double down. You can make money in this fast-paced game if you are a quick thinker.

Texas Holdem (Limit Cash or Tournament)

This one is only fast-paced if you are playing with computers. If you are playing with humans, the game will drag on. Here is how it works:

  • Each player gets two cards.
  • The dealer lays the first three cards on the table called a flop.
  • You decide if you want to continue or not: continuing means betting more.
  • The dealer lays down one card called turn, and betting continues.
  • The dealer lays down one card called river (final), and betting continues.
  • To win, you must have a five-card hand that is better than the rest.

All card combinations must follow poker rules. Here, you get all or nothing from the pot. If you want a fast-paced game, you have to play against a computer, or on online competitions where there is a timer for each player to make a decision.

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Another poker variant that you can consider is Jacks or Better. This is a solitary game against a dealer where you have no opponents. However, other players can join. Here is how it works: 

  • You put an ante bet into the pot.
  • The dealer gives you five cards.
  • If a player has jacks, betting ensues.
  • If no one has a jack, cards are mucked.
  • If the player bets because he has a jack, the winner is the one with the best poker hand.

In this game, you only qualify to play if you have a pair of jacks or better. If you don’t, like if you have a per of tens, you lose automatically. In some variants, you can hold cards, and only the remaining cards get replaced.


Fast-paced games are exciting. With these kinds of games, you will feel the thrill of putting yourself under pressure. Know that if you join games like this, you will also have the potential to lose big. If you want to be an expert, you need to practice.

The best place to practice is in online casinos or websites that offer demo games. These games are free. You do not have to register, and you do not need to download these games. You can easily access them for as long as you are online. 

Use these demo versions to understand the game rules. Play every day until you get the hang of it. Once you are ready, you can move on to practice in the cash version, and then work on your speed from there. 

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