Finding Out Your Ejuice Type Via Virtual Exploration

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Vaping is a hobby so enjoyable that many people try it daily without developing addictive dependency. Well, you may want to point fingers to the presence of nicotine in most e liquid mixtures. It is true that one can buy a cartridge with or without the high brought about by nicotine. However, only a few folks in the world actually know that nicotine in itself does not cause addiction. Instead of taking the above fact at face value, do consider investing a few minutes researching online about the validity of this statement. It should be easy to find credible scientific confirmation, possibly also along with web documents outlining the benefits of nicotine.

Things to note

Similarly, again to the shock of many, note the fact that cannabis is also non-addictive in the physical craving sense. A user does not have physical withdrawal symptoms with THC. As many people use vaporizers for marijuana consumption, this should be a noteworthy mention here. Anyone can easily find valid scientific confirmation online about this also. As for cigarettes, the dependency one develops is actually due to the unnatural petrochemical residues integrated in tobacco leaves during the processing phase. In this respect, consider some caution about excess use of a PG based ejuice. New users need to know that the liquid in vaporizer cartridges typically consist of a mix between VG and PG.

The differences between VG and PG

You would encounter this ratio at the product details along with the added flavors and nicotine percentage. In addition, take note of the fact that tobacco flavor juices are available in multiple rich variations. However, even a rich tobacco flavored mix can be without a trace of nicotine extract in it! VG refers to Vegetable Glycerin, essentially an herbal extract, odorless and tasteless, smooth to the throat, and can produce great volumes of smoke on direct combustion. PG, or Propylene Glycol, on the other hand, is a petrochemical derivative, with a somewhat tangy chemical taste, and a perceptible effect on the throats.

100% VG cartridges are available, but 100% PG products are unfit for normal human consumption. Many advanced users consider making DIY homebrews with an incredible high volume of PG, but they may have shifted to the perils of addictive dependency. In order to avoid loopholes like these, always consider buying from a reliable online supplier. Get quality manufactured products without the possible side effects on health. You can also use the virtual service to order cartridges for bulk delivery at discounted rates. Besides, the availability of customer support in itself is a major plus point as you can discuss your unique requirements with experts.

Enjoy life

Eventually, that makes it easy to choose depending on the suggestions you would receive. This recreational practice is heating up all across the world with many enthusiastic members constantly exploring its amazement. ‘Vaporiums’ or public cafes for enjoying your ejuice fix with coffee have come up in many major cities across the world.  These places also hold exciting competitions called cloud chasing where a group of heavy users compete to generate the biggest volume of smoke in a single puff. If all these sound interesting, you are most welcome to try the wonders of your own. There is no shortcut to attain the experience except going through the right online resources. Take your time though for it is a seemingly endless world of amazing aromas.

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