How to Fix Blue Screen Error of Death in Windows 7 Easily

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Windows 7 OS is still the best operating system from Microsoft and it still got large user base. But most of its users are prone to one common problem which is referred as Blue Screen error. This error is officially called Blue Screen Error of Death (BSOD). I’m here with a tutorial on how to fix Blue Screen Error of Death in Windows 7 easily.

While working on anything, the PC or laptop suddenly restarts automatically and the screen we see is in blue color. Some error code is also shown but it flashes for seconds so the only thing we can remember about this error is the blue screen. This may be the reason why this error is named Blue Screen error. It is also known by stop error.

fix Blue Screen Error of Death in Windows 7

What Causes Blue Screen Error of Death (BSOD)

There isn’t a particular cause of Blue Screen error but following may be the victims.

Your Windows OS is out of date. Microsoft provides security and performance updates time to time and you should have an updated version of OS installed on your PC. If it isn’t the case then it may be cause of Blue Screen error.

We all know that PC needs driver files and programs to function properly. The driver providers also provide updates and if our PC isn’t having updated drivers then it may be a cause of Blue Screen error.

The worst cause of Blue Screen is that some virus or malware is there in your PC because your PC isn’t having an antivirus program or it’s out of date.

In rare case, some software or program may also cause this problem. If you recently installed any program which was from untrusted source then it can be a victim.

How to Fix Blue Screen Error of Death in Windows 7

Whatever may be the cause of this error, solution is here. You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below. Make sure you go through all of them.

Windows Update – Go to control panel > System and Security > Windows Update and then click on ‘Check for updates’ button over there. Windows will automatically find all latest updates available for your PC and install them. Make sure you’ve a good internet connection as this process will take time.

Windows Update to Fix Blue Screen error in Windows 7

Update Drivers – Go to Control panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager and you’ll get list of all drivers which are there on your PC. Now you need to check for their updates manually. If any update is available then run the update process.

Update Drivers

Anti Virus – it’s always recommended to have an antivirus installed on your PC with a purchased license key. If you wish to continue with free version then either select AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials. Also make sure that your antivirus is updated with current virus updates otherwise it may not be able to provide you complete protection. Also scan your PC and remove any virus or malware found.

Updated Anti Virus

Install Hotfix – Microsoft provides a special program which you need to download and install on your PC. Installing this program will fix blue screen error completely. You can download Hotfix from here.

That’s it! This is how you can fix Blue Screen error of death in Windows 7 easily. I hope you don’t see this error again. But if you’re still facing the same problem then you need to repair your Windows 7 by inserting the Windows repair DISC and following screen instructions.

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