How To Fix Errors With Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

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Although discontinued by Microsoft, Windows Movie Maker remains a powerful video recording and editing software on the operating system. Introduced in the year 2000, Windows Movie Maker offers users the ability to create, edit and publish videos to Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, OneDrive and YouTube.

The software has not been the most stable in the long list of Windows-developed apps, and may frequently throw errors that can affect performance or prevent users from using the app at all. From stubborn error codes to input/output problems, here are the most common errors you may experience on Windows Movie Maker and how to fix them.

1. Live error codes

Windows Movie Maker may display various error codes from time to time when you try to launch or even when using the application. The appropriate solution depends on the error code as each of those codes have a meaning. The 8000FFFF error for instance represents a Windows update error, indicating that an update is being blocked while the 0x80004005 error shows that the program has had to unexpectedly restart. To solve either of the issues, here’s what you can do:

Click start and head to the control panel

  • Navigate to Windows updates or simply enter it into the search box
  • Ensure that you have downloaded the Windows updates
  • If you do not want to download the latest updates, install specific updates such as the Windows-updates KB2984006, KB2998527 or KB2990967
  • Once the updates are installed, restart your PC
  • Relaunch the program and find it error-free
  • Occasionally, the error code 0x80070057 may appear. This error code denotes that the source files you’re trying to work with are corrupt or incompatible.
    • The solution to this is to ensure that you only import and work with suitable files recognized by Windows Movie Maker like the WAV, WMV, JPG, BMP or MP3. These formats are mostly compatible with Windows natively from XP to Windows 10.

2. dll error

Windows Movie Maker may also produce a DLL error that reads “Movie Maker cannot start because Xlive.dll is missing from your computer”. This error is as a result of a missing or corrupt DLL error that may be caused by a malware infection or unintentional deletion of the file.

Sometimes, these DLL errors are a fluke and may arise if multiple programs using the particular DLL file have discrepancies. To solve this, first restart your system and re-launch the app. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you might need to get the DLL file and locate it in the relevant folder.

To do this, download last version of missing Xlive.dll. Next, locate the zip file on your computer and extract the Xlive.dll file to a desired location. Finally, copy the raw DLL file to C:\Windows\System32 folder.

Re-launch the application to get back to work

3. Windows Movie Maker won’t start

Users may experience a Windows Movie Maker error when trying to launch their app after installation. Sometimes, the app won’t even open at all. This is usually caused by performance and capability issues.

To get started, press the Windows button along with the R key to open the Run Window. Once the box comes up, type dxdiag and click OK. Use the information you have from the Dxdiag to compare the minimum system requirements of Windows Movie Maker on the website. If you meet up with the requires specifications, try updating your video card driver from control panel

4. WMM has no sound or says no audio device found or available

If you have processed a video and have no sound, there is a high possibility that the imported video/source file does not contain sound. If your source file contains sound however, there may be one or two ways to fix the problem.

  • Begin by clicking start and type services into the search box
  • When the list populates, choose Windows Audio
  • Stop the service and start it again. If an audio device is absent, you will get an error code c9450032. If you do not get the error code, relaunch your Windows Movie Maker and test your audio
  • If you get the error code above, go to control panel and click on Sound
  • On the recording tab, click the recording device you find, then click properties, navigate to device usage and click “use this device”, click OK
  • Now, relaunch WMM, click the Windows Movie Maker button, select options then webcam. Confirm that you have corresponding audio device setting similar to the settings you have in your control panel.

5. WMM can’t find Webcam

This is a very common error and could arise as a result of using an incompatible device. Asides that, you should also ensure that your hardware is properly connected to your computer and associated with the Windows Movie Maker.

To correct this issue, open Windows Maker and click the options menu. Select the Webcam option and look at the list of available webcams, if everything is properly configured, your webcam should be listed. If your webcam is listed but not selected, select it as the webcam device and close this menu.

Retry from Windows Movie Maker and create the video you want.

6. Windows Movie Maker stops working

This is another popular error that users may experience with Windows Movie Maker. This error arises due to the presence or installation of an incompatible video filter. To this effect, try to run your Windows Movie Maker in safe mode, as this will prevent the loading of the incompatible filter. As soon as the application comes up, reinstall a compatible video filter and re-launch the app outside the safe mode. You should now have a perfectly running WMM

7. WMM can’t record Audio or video from the selected devices

This error is also related to your Webcam. First, ensure that your webcam is properly attached to your device and not in use by another program. Once you’ve ascertained that your device is properly connected, try restarting your PC and re-connecting the webcam then follow step 4 above to make sure your Webcam is compatible with Windows Movie Maker and selected as the webcam or video device.

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