Four Pieces Of Software Every Designer Should Have

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In order to be a successful graphic designer, there is a whole mix of things that need to work together. First you need to have the education and training that prepares you for the job, then experience certainly helps, but there is also the fact that having the right tools – in particular the software – makes all the difference in the world. Here we’ll take a look at the top four pieces of software that every graphic designer needs to have across various industries.

Altium Designer – PCB Designers Take Note

One of the most common complaints PCB designers have is that it’s so difficult to upgrade from the EAGLE PCB Layout Editor to Altium Designer. Designers realize that the Altium software will allow them to do more of what they want, but how do they get to that point? Well it seems as though Altium Designer has come up with a simple solution and that’s an EAGLE Importer that makes the process seamless, fast, and simple.

So why switch to Altium Designer in the first place? The fact that more than 30 years’ worth of development and research went into it, it’s loaded with features, and it’s the future of the industry are definitely good reasons.

SketchBook Pro – Start with Sketches

One of the best ways for designers to work and be able to create is to sketch out their ideas. SketchBook Pro makes it possible to do just that, and with its 2D capability it opens the door to all kinds of uses. Designers can explore the many tools and features included in the software, making this both a professional tool and one that is perfect for practicing with.

DIGI FlipBook – Meant for 2D Animators

If you happen to be a 2D animator then your best bet is going to be to get your hands on DIGI FlipBook. This program is so simple that students are actually able to learn and train on it. Results are creative and professional looking, exactly what any animator is after.

This particular software claims to be the easiest 2D software out there. This allows designers to focus on their creations rather than trying to figure out the software. At the same time it is packed full of features and tools.

Illustrator CC – A Staple with All Designers

It’s rare to come across software that is universal and that can be used by such a wide range of designers, but that’s exactly the case with Illustrator CC, or Adobe Illustrator. Nowadays the software offers “state-of-the-art” illustration tools that make it possible for you to design graphics for the web, print, mobile, and video. The software is used around the world by all kinds of designers and doesn’t seem to be waning in popularity.

The Proper Tools Make Success Possible

Just like with any other job, in order to be successful you need to have the right tools at your disposal. For designers those tools are the proper software that allows their creativity to flow in an effective and productive manner.

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