Google announced 2 major bugs in Microsoft Windows OS

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For the last couple of years we have seen so many battles between the tech companies which includes Apple and Samsung. This time it is between 2 tech giants, Google and Microsoft. The clash is not about the patent or something about the gadgets. It’s about the bugs in the OS. That’s right! Google started to point out the latest bugs on the Microsoft’s Windows ever time hit operating system Windows 7. The same bugs can be seen on the latest Windows 8.1 OS because both the OS uses almost the same source code. Well the bugs in the OS really made Microsoft’s company officials a real headache. Because those bugs will affect the Windows OS users in a great extent.


This was all because of the Google’s latest project which is code named as Project zero. The main aim of the project was to notifying the company about the latest problems or bugs related to their various applications, operating systems. Google will allot a time period of 90 days in order to resolve the problem. Failure to do that will post about the bug publically. Well the in the OS was detected on 17th October 2014. The 90 days deadline is almost over which made Google to post them in public.

So far Google announced there are 2 major bugs in Microsoft Windows OS. The first one is a major threat that every user must cautious about that. They are saying that the data’s in a windows powered machine can be easily decrypted by a hacker. This is mainly seen in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 systems. Also Google has been quoted that PC running on Windows 8 OS is safe from the threats. Since the problem is raising issues related to the privacy of the user Microsoft has taken preventive measures.

The second threat is not that serious compared to the first one. The second bug is all about accessing the power function of the PC. A hacker can control and adjust the power options which can be seen in laptop PC’s. So far from the news only windows 7 users will be affected with the 2nd threat.

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