Grammarly Review – Eliminate The Stupid Mistakes!

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While the renowned literature artists of the old might not be with us today; the passion for their works still lives. Language is one of the most important inventions of the human kind, something no one person can own. However, there are rules to follow when using a language, mostly set by tradition. It would not be wise to challenge these rules, for they were written and iterated upon by people wiser than most of us; and thus we must learn them.

The irony of it all is, in fact, this review; you might find quite a few faults in it that Grammarly might have helped to fix. You might wonder why I am not using it to write this piece – well the answer is simple, Grammarly will help you write better, but it won’t teach you.

What exactly is Grammarly?

Much like a spell checker – while research on spell checkers started back in the good old 1957, the first spell checker as a program was not built until 1971 by Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. A spell-checker might help you spell words correctly, it won’t help you learn how to spell – rather it could make you disregardful, knowing that the spell checker will most likely fix your mistakes for you.

Grammarly might result to something to the same effect, but there is another side to it. Not everyone has the time or patience to learn the rules of proper language. Meanwhile, we might want or need to use it for various reasons. Grammarly only provides a shortcut of sorts – providing the peace your mind received from that spell checker while making sure you are not writing something illogical.

What makes Grammarly better than a spell checker?

Well for first – it’s not a spell checker, it’s checking for proper usage of grammar itself. Spell checkers by definition only check for the spelling of the words you are using. Grammarly on the other hand not only checks for erroneous spellings, but also for improper use of grammar and suggestions that would improve the vocabulary of your writing.

Here’s what Grammarly will do for you:

  • Instantly proofread what you are writing in real-time.
  • Check for over 250 advanced grammar rules in real-time and suggest proper usage.
  • Give suggestions to improve your vocabulary – while keeping the context in check.

There are various ways Grammarly provides its services in!

First being an online checker

You simply paste the text or upload your document on the website, once you have done that Grammarly will give you six choices for the style – did not expect that did you? Having a choice of what writing style you want to check for gives you the freedom to have still a conversation that does not sound like a letter to the President while still maintaining the norms of the language.

Offers a Plugin for Microsoft Word

 Grammarly also offers a plugin for Microsoft Word, which pretty much does the same thing, but at the click of a single button. Once it has processed your piece of literature according to the style you picked for it, it presents you with the results – an analysis of your text. For this piece that you are currently reading, it found 30 issues (you may see in the above picture). Clearly I need to get better at this.

So how does it work?

Clicking on a categorized issue will open up all the errors that fit the criteria of that category, or you could just click Next and see all the issues in the order they appear in your writing. Once you are looking at the issue, Grammarly gives you two options! One is a small summary of what is wrong with your text and how to fix it, and the other is a rather detailed explanation of the same – with more examples to illustrate your violations.

While these features are nice, they won’t help you with your everyday communication. Most of us are not going to write a post on Facebook and then paste the text in Grammarly to verify your work, which is why Grammarly also provides a browser extension for Safari and Chrome. The extension behaves rather a same way as the Microsoft Word plugin, except you can use it on any website you browse.

Besides the features mentioned above, Grammarly will also check perhaps-not-your-writing for plagiarism, so that you know you are not being conned with something is written by someone you did not intend to.

Is it worth to Get?

With features and algorithms that continuously verify your grammar, spelling and punctuation all the while improving the vocabulary used, there is no denying this is quite a bit more radical when compared with a simple spell checker. While learning the language, you preach the best option to make sure what you write is sensical, Grammarly provides an easier alternative, while still giving you the safety net that you always wished you had.

Grammarly is amazing! I’ve tested its grammar and plagiarism checker tool, I would say that it is the best value for money. I recommend Grammarly for the web publishers to create & publish the faultless documents without any hassle.

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