4 Great Online Casino Games You Should Explore in 2021

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There are literally thousands of games available at online casinos these days, including a multitude of themed slots.

While the slots are really capturing the imagination and manage to tell a story as you play, for many traditional poker hands and table games such as craps and roulette continue to be a major draw as they are also available digitally.

The trick for many is finding out what the odds of winning are as well as other great casino explanations. We’ll take you through what the most popular games to delve into in 2021 are, but in the meantime, you can read more from our writer Jacek Michałski on some of the best gambling movies and plenty of other subjects.

Popular Games to Play Next Year

In Poland, the online gaming and gambling market have been growing quickly, but never more sharply than in 2020 as more and more people find themselves with extended downtime.

There is a huge demand now to even find the best casino games on Xbox as people look to keep using their favorite console.

No matter your budget or taste, there are so many games growing in popularity on online casinos to choose from, each with their own strengths. Here are four of the best to try.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This is a form of poker that offers something a little different and is available at many online casinos, such as Slottica for example.

While it can be found amongst other classic poker variants, Caribbean Stud is often quieter than its counterparts given that the player only plays against the dealer, not against other players.

The private nature of the game means that not only is it very good for beginners, but it means there can be no cheating from others in the hand by way of collusion or gathering information from professionals.

Live Casino Games

These have been around for some time now, but many players are still just discovering them. Live casinos are available on most casino sites, with the difference from their normal table games being that they are not computer-generated and involve live dealers running the games via a camera feed.

You don’t have to see the other players, though if you like you can interact with them via a chat function, and you don’t have to worry that the computer is perhaps cheating you!

Live games include roulette, blackjack, online poker, craps, and many more. In fact, on the bigger sites, you will find a live version of nearly all the traditional internet casino games.


A great traditional table game played in many land-based casinos, baccarat is a card game and is based on pure chance. While new games in casinos are a big draw, understandably, the traditional ones have been around forever and for a reason.

No real skill is needed here. As a player you don’t make your own decisions, simply place your bets and the beginning with a choice of three outcomes; the player wins, the bank wins, there is a draw.

While some like to believe they are terrific card players, in baccarat you don’t have to think of a strategy, simply play to your budget and hope for some luck!

Starburst Slot

Online slots remain among the most popular games with casino fans, so we can’t ignore them. In the case of Starburst, it is nothing new, yet it remains quite simply the biggest game around so if you haven’t played it yet, give it a go.

With a brilliant return to player of 96.09%, Starburst is medium volatility and very easy to get, you won’t have to do much homework on this one! It is also one of the games offering huge jackpots via progressives so, with luck, you could land a fortune.


These are all fantastic fun and you can explore games on a host of online casino platforms. Take a look at these four and you will not be disappointed. Have fun!

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