Now You Can Diagnose HIV with a Smartphone

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Well the usage of Smartphones is being increasing day by day. Whatever be the field you can see a single Smartphone application. We have seen the Smartphone applications in the medicinal filed. But the Researchers from the Columbian university has been thought even more. Now you can use the Smartphone for Diagnosing HIV.

HIV diagnostic with a smartphone

Yes that’s right using a smartphone you can periodically check the disease’s status. This is done with the help of another device. Researcher’s from the Columbia University has developed a device which is hand held one. You can carry it everywhere.

The working of the device very simple. You only need to place you finger on the device. It will automatically prick a blood sample from your finger tip and analyses it. The examination result can be obtained through a smartphone application. You don’t need any internet connection for this. Simply plug the device onto the smartphone through the 3.5mm audio jack which is a universal form many of the smartphones.

Within 15 minutes all the diagnostic results will be displayed on the phone or tablet. The results are calculated according to the number of anti-bodies present in the blood sample. Wan Laksanasopin who is a bio medical engineer and co-developer said that “they mainly developed this device in order to prevent the transfusion of HIV virus from pregnant mother to the feotes inside the stomach”. The transmission of HIV virus can cause great danger to the child.

The developers currently released the smartphone app for iOS devices which are iPhone and iPad. Also said that soon they will be releasing the apps for Android too because the device is still not suitable for mass production. It is having some bugs. The good news for the developers is that US National Institute of Health provided the funds required for the development purpose.

The developers is really confident that soon users can purchase the device form the market. They will be selling the product for an affordable price of 34 USD for the device and 2 USD for the cartridge.

The device is much suitable for those people with medical facilities and for those who continuously travel from place to place.

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