How can SMBs Hybridize their Office?

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Hybrid offices are widely agreed to be a big part of the future of work. It is the natural evolution of remote work that many businesses were forced to adopt because of Covid-19.

We spoke with TechQuarters, who is an IT support company UK businesses have worked with in order to hybridize their offices. They themselves are fully remote and have been working with technology that enables remote work for more than a decade now. They discussed with us some of the approaches they recommend, and some important solutions that should be implemented to make a successful hybrid office.

Let’s say only half of your workforce is commuting to the office to work since you implemented hybrid working. This means you can at least halve the size of your office, but you could downsize your office even more if you implement hotdesking. The principle of hotdesking is simple: desks are shared with multiple users.

This solution is most commonly implemented in shared workspaces like WeWork, but it can be implemented at your office if you roster your on-premise employees in the right way. Perhaps your employees are divided into groups or teams, and you can create a rota where different teams utilize the hot desks on different days.
Video-inclusive meeting rooms

You may have teams that are comprised of a mix of employees that sometimes come into the office and other employees who are working from home permanently. One of the challenges of this arrangement is how your team can all meet. Meetings are important to the success of any kind of team or project and are a big part of business culture overall, and most businesses will have a dedicated meeting room in their office.

On the one hand, sitting at your desk isn’t the most enjoyable way to hold a meeting, especially if you have a perfectly good space available in the office, but on the other hand, it would be unfair for team members in the office to use a meeting room without somehow including their remote colleagues.

The idea of video-inclusive meeting rooms, or simply hybrid meeting rooms, is becoming more popular with businesses. Essentially, a meeting room can be built, or even retro-fitted, to include technology that bridges the gap between in-person and remote video meetings. For example, large screens and webcams can be installed in the meeting room, as well as conference mics so that everyone in the room can speak and their voice will be heard and conveyed to remote employees. IT is now quite the norm for London-based Managed service providers UK wide have helped SMBs set up hybrid meeting rooms for their offices.

Remote IT Support

Another essential part of hybridizing your office is ensuring that all your employees have access to IT support. IT support providers these days are more than capable of delivering IT support both remotely and to a business’ site – in fact, 80% of IT cases can be resolved remotely. Partnering with an IT support provider that is able to support your office and your remote users should be high on the priority list of any SMB looking to hybridize their office.

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