How Does Movie Box Work?

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Movie box is what some would call a digital streaming service. A digital streaming service is known by a lot of different terms, but the idea is all the same. Audio-Visual media (a movie/tv show/small video clip) is created and readied by an individual or a group. They then hand this content over to a service that can stream/air their created content. This content is then given to a provider (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu) that uploads this onto their server. This is then made available to the subscribers of that specific provider by using a portal (app/ computer/ DVR). This is when the content is actually viewable by the subscribers of the aforementioned service.


A common digital streaming service that everyone knows and uses is YouTube. YouTube is generally a peer to peer network of videos and clips and is mostly consistent of original content. Content is generally very short and has a lot variance and differences. Which furthermore is bogged down by a lot strict rules and regulations by YouTube regarding copyright laws.Any video that is deemed to violate these laws is immediately taken down without further mention.

Another type of provider would be Netflix. Netflix provides you with a collection of TV Shows and Movies that can be watched at anytime. You have to subscribe to their service and pay for a monthly package subscription.This is a very popular form of streaming due to the wide array of content and the new original content as well. A downfall of Netflix is that they remove content after a certain period of time, so there is a chance of missing out on content if you do not view it when it is available. It is also an online only application. That means that you must have an internet connection to view the content on Netflix. It cannot be downloaded or saved for later use, which maybe crucial especially if you have long commutes and wish to catchup on some TV shows in that time.


Another form of digital streaming is Moviebox. What Movie box does is gives you the same Netflix experience with a way more intuitive user interface and experience. Movie box has almost every current TV Show running and is up to date on all of the episodes as well. New content is added daily and tv shows are updated as quickly as possible.

Unlike Netflix you do not have to bother signing up or paying a monthly fee. You get access to all the content Movie box has to offer, just by going downloading and opening the app. There is no confusing setup or annoying subscription to deal with.


Further more you get the ability to download TV Shows and Movies at home to watch them later when you do not have internet. This is especially helpful if you have to sit through long commutes on public transport and want to spend that time catching up on some TV Shows and movies. This provides you with the flexibility and ease of use that no other digital streaming service does.

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