How Has Current Technology Transformed Gaming For Good?

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The drastic changes that have been experienced in the video gaming world are jaw dropping. Technology has played a very crucial role in transforming the face of the industry and continues to play a critical part with each day fall. This transformation kicked off in 2007 when Steve Job unveiled the iPhone which was capable of performing a number of tasks. At the moment, he was clueless of what he was bringing to the table.

The move brought a series of changes into the industry and the gaming world was one of the affected areas. The introduction of the iPhone saw game developers introduce ultra-cheap and casual games. Apart from the introduction of the iPhone, there are other technological factors which have also played a huge role in transforming the video gaming world.

Deus Ex Human Revolution cover

Here is how the current technology has been able to influence the gaming world:

1) Playing HD games via the internet

Technology has made it possible for gamers to enjoy high quality HD video games via the internet. Game developers have made it possible for player to play console-quality games via their browsers. So far, this has been a success with games such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Saints Row The Third already making use of the technology.

2) Affordable games

Back then when the only gaming consoles were the PlayStations and the Super Nintendo, a single game could range from $40 to $60. However, the introduction of cheap mobile phone games has made the thought of owning a $50 game an expensive one.

Currently, most of the games offered by developers such as RoxioWin.comDisney on App store and Google Play are either free or do not cost more than a dollar. What is even fascinating is that by the fact that these games are cheap, does not mean that they are not quality games. On the contrary, most of them if not all of them are of world class quality.

cheap games

3) You get to play with friends online

Long before the gaming world received all the transformation, players used to meet in one central location say a friend’s home in order for them to play. However, technology brought a whole new face which saw players from all around the world interacting through a single game. Players get a chance to even socialize with one another and form teams to compete with each other.

5) Short and simple

Today, players can find games that are short, say a minute long and others that can go for hours. Long ago, the shortest games could go for as long as 20 minutes. Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to pick a game of your own preference in as far as game duration is concerned.

6) The touch and gesture based games

Whoever thought half a decade ago that touch screen features on video games could be a possibility by now was simply dubbed as crazy. However, this is what technology has presented us with. Most of all smartphone games are designed with this ability.

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