How New Technologies Have Benefited Industry Professionals

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Science-fiction is filled with stories about machines eventually taking over and mankind’s struggle to reclaim the planet. Such fantasies can easily make us question the benefits of modern technology. According to a new study covering over 140 years of data, however, technology has actually created more jobs than it has destroyed. Here are just some of the ways it has improved industry professionals’ lives.

New Computer Form Factors

new pc

Tablet computers like the iPad have had a huge impact on a number of different industries, but perhaps none more so than healthcare. In the past, staff members had to lug on around laptop computers (commonly referred to as “computers on wheels,” or COWs) or were chained to their desktop. This heavily restricted mobility, which is paramount in a such a fast-paced profession. Now, members of staff have access to a huge repository of digital files, all available at the tap of a finger. Many physicians have found these kinds of devices are a much better tool to engaging patients, too, as they can create interactive demos to better explain the situation.

Wireless Internet Access

You may not think of Wi-Fi as particularly high-tech anymore, but it’s had a tremendous impact on our day-to-day working lives. Not only is it much more convenient than wiring an entire building with ethernet cables, but it also allows us to take advantage of new platforms like smartphones and tablets. Wi-Fi as a technology isn’t standing still either. New standards like 802.11ac, as well as the emerging 802.11ax, will give us stronger, more stable connections that are able to handle huge amounts of data. Test systems, like those found at MCS Test Equipment, can be invaluable to companies that need to accurately measure their capabilities.

Social Media and Communication

Social Media and Communication

Last, not least, is the increased prevalence of social media. You may think of social media as simply a means to catch up with old friends or check out the latest news, but it’s actually had a profound impact on the way professionals communicate, both internally and with their customers. Industry giants Nokia have found much of their internal communication is now channeled through social media, with employees preferring the fast-paced approach of instant messaging over email. Similarly, platforms like Facebook and Twitter, are now a huge part of many companies marketing strategies. This allows businesses to reach their customers more easily than ever before, no matter where they are or how niche their products or services are.

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