How Technology Is Helping The Manufacturing Industry

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Manufacturing has often been associated with traditional roles and processes, but in recent years it has benefitted from the introduction of technology, such as CRM and manufacturing software. But what sort of impact is it really having on manufacturing?

Technology limits waste and controls materials

CRMs for the manufacturing industry help to store all data relating to a project in one place. This allows a business to control all parts of the process, including specific measurements of the materials that are needed, which in turn eliminates waste. With an added control of materials, manufacturers are also able to set up alerts, so they are notified when products are running low.


Technology enables all departments to work as one

Advancements in manufacturing software now mean that all teams within the manufacturing process can work together. Technology can unite design,product creation, customer, production and delivery. It also gives a comprehensive view of the project, from beginning to end, and manages it all the way through and one place.

Technology is giving more customer insights


As well as benefitting the production process, technology is allowing manufacturing organisations to understand more about their customers, as it paints a clear picture from initial lead, through to sale, marketing and upsells. It also means that all opportunities to make a sale are made and followed up, and the responses from customers can be accurately recorded.

Customisations are helping even further

Standard CRM and types of manufacturing software are having a huge impact on the above, but the add-ons available for manufacturing technology are having just as much of an impact. MRP, for example, allows production planning, scheduling and inventories, and can make standard software even more versatile. In addition to this, there are calendar, accounting and invoicing add-ons, and additional software for reporting.

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