How to Avoid The Risk of Online Gambling in 2020

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It’s 2020, and more people are taking an interest in online gambling. It’s a worldwide phenomenon, showing off impressive stats with massive upward trends. The key reason behind such a rapid growth of online gambling is the rise of online sports betting legalization in the US. The legalization movement managed to overturn the notorious PASPA back in 2018, with several states already taking advantage of the new situation.

So, if you’re living in the US and you’re aware of the fact online sports gambling is now legit, you must be wondering if it’s safe. After all, there’s a lot of shady stuff on the internet, and the mere thought of online bookmakers doesn’t breathe in too much trust in the equation.

In other words, should you trust online gambling platforms or stay away from them and only stick with brick and mortar shops?

Online Gambling in 2020 | Safety as Top Priority

Back in the early days of gambling over the internet, there was a massive influx of online betting platforms of questionable quality. Insufficient online gambling laws poised with the lack of international gambling regulations paved the way for what we now call the Wild West era of online gambling.

Back then, user privacy wasn’t considered important. Names, addresses, and other personal information were guarded, but not nearly well enough to prevent keen eyes from taking a peek. Plus, there were lots of bookmakers known for ripping people off, either banning accounts after massive wins or straight up not honoring winning wagers.

Luckily, these days, the situation is drastically different. While shady online gambling operators still exist, they’re not in the majority anymore, so it’s much easier to avoid them. Stick to the well-known sites, those with a rich history and massive fanbases. That way, you can be rest assured you’re getting the online gambling experience you deserve without having to worry about getting ripped off or your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

Gambling Sites Are the Epitome of Safety

If you want the ultimate safety when gambling online, only trust the highest rated real money gambling sites. Not only are they protected with the latest and greatest in SSL encryption, but they are also the fastest at getting you your money. 

Whether we’re talking about online gambling sites featuring sports betting, slots, or other casino games, the result is always the same. A fast and secure experience with a stable internet connection is the only requirement. They also get extra points in terms of convenience, even more so considering just how important gambling on the go is these days.

If you’re in it just for the thrills, you can explore various play money gambling apps, too. They make for great timewasters and are ideal for people who don’t want to lose real money but still want to kill a few minutes throughout their day.

Security Factors in Online Gambling

In addition to the aforementioned SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, which protects sensitive information such as pins, credit card numbers, and ID information, online gambling sites also have random number generators and a variety of supporting systems in charge of stuff like payment structures and transaction scheduling. Random number generators (typically dubbed as RNGs) play a key role here, ensuring online gambling platforms are fair in terms of spins, slots, and other calculations. 

Furthermore, make sure your gambling platform of choice has the necessary licenses needed for facilitating online gambling. Typically, these are regulated in countries such as Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, and similar, so make sure you read the fine print. The absence of gambling licenses means the bookie is illegal and not to be trusted!

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