How To Choose a Gaming Setup Based on Your Gamer Type

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Everybody interacts with games differently. You’ve got people that like to play something every day, while others schedule their gaming time for the weekend. However, the gaming setup that you have it’s going to influence the type of games you can play significantly, and the performance you’ll experience.

Whilst there’s no universal gaming setup as everybody’s needs are different, we’re trying to showcase three configuration categories that you might find interesting. We’re splitting this article based on the three most popular types of gamers.

Professional Gamer

If you’re competing professionally in esports or you’re trying to make a career for yourself in this industry, then you most certainly need a high-end setup. When engaging in such competitions, every second count as it can make the difference between a successful match and a defeat.

If you’re an everyday human, you don’t need a professional gaming setup, unless you’re a true enthusiast or you want to show off to your friends. Which, both are worthy reasons. But, such a setup is probably not really worth owning unless you’re competing in esports.

When building a professional setup, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration besides the performance of your PC. You need a mechanical keyboard, a customizable mouse, and a good internet connection to begin with. In terms of the display, resolution matters the most so 4K should be your go-to option. The size of the display varies from person to person, and many professionals often go for smaller screens to gain a tunnel-like vision. If you meet this bare minimum, you should be alright.

Competitive Gamer

If you’re a competitive gamer, it means that you’re looking for something that’s highly powerful but still affordable. A custom-built PC can be a good option if you’re doing all the configuration yourself. This way, you can customize your setup fully based on your needs. There are also a lot of worthy prebuilt computers that are optimized for the latest titles and are capable of delivering a satisfying experience.

Casual Gamer

If you’re a casual gamer, you probably enjoy gaming enough to practice it every now and then, but it’s not your main passion. That’s perfectly fine, but in this case, there’s no reason to have a highly-powerful computer, unless you’re also using it for intensive work like editing, rendering, or programming.

For casual gamers, a flagship smartphone or a basic gaming laptop is more than enough. They provide great value and are still able to run popular titles like CS: GO, GTA V, Fortnite, among many others. These casual setups are great for comfort too since you can use them anywhere, including a couch or even while traveling.

They also open up a huge world of casual games like casino, adventure, and puzzle. If you want to play some free slots, a smartphone is the best format for this. You can download a lot of classic casino games from Google Play, and try them out instantly. They are pretty lightweight so you shouldn’t have performance issues, especially when using one of the latest flagships. Gambling is also a great fit for laptops as you can engage in a lot of fun competitions with other players.

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