How To Create A Chatbot Online: 5 Easy Steps to Automation

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It’s 2020, and online business has never been better. E-commerce is booming, and companies all over the world are entirely perplexed with terms like artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, augmented and virtual reality, automation, and chatbots.

The chatbot technology has gone so far from its inception that you can see it almost everywhere you go. 2019 was the year of the bot without any doubt, and chatbots with the best AI have found their way into every industry and aspect of our daily lives. 

If you’re thinking about starting a business online, you can’t do it without these little fellas. If you want to improve your online business efforts, virtual and digital assistants are here to help. They are paramount for beating your competition. 

On the other hand, they can do so much in terms of automating your daily repetitive tasks around customer service, support, and experience.

When you add the fact that you can create a chatbot online without any coding knowledge, it’s more than clear that you need these little helpers around. Here’s a short guide on how to create a bot online in five easy steps. 

1. Know What Your Consumers Need And Expect From You

Since your newly built bot is the first line of interaction with your consumers, you have to think about them, their needs, wants, and expectations. In the online world, customer experience, service, self-service, experience, and journey, have become the main driving factors of business success.

In this e-commerce environment, you have to be able to provide the ultimate customer experience with each interaction to deliver value to your consumers. 

Therefore, the most vital thing your chatbot needs is the ability to fully and completely understand what your consumers are asking from it. More importantly, it has to be able to deliver it smoothly. 

Smart bots have such an adaptive capability as they heavily rely on the latest AI technology to process the given information and provide the wanted answer. They can go a few steps further and make things more interesting for the customers by giving intelligent suggestions based on the inquiries made before. 

It helps build meaningful relationships with the target audience. It’s essential to make the bot as natural as possible to make each experience more enjoyable. 

2. Define What Actions You Want Your Chatbot To Perform


An all-purpose AI chatbot sounds really attractive, but getting there can be a complex process. It’s much more efficient to create a chatbot online with a specific purpose in your mind. In the online business realm, this purpose is either providing better customer support and service to your consumers or gathering data from them. 

Well, with surprising and intuitive bot-building platforms like SnatchBot, you can do both. Data-gathering bots are much easier to implement and integrate while the more complex ones demand a more sophisticated approach. A platform such as SnatchBot allows you to make a more interactive virtual assistant with relative ease.

3. Define A Typical Conversation For Your Chatbot

One of the most vital things about creating a chatbot online is to determine how adaptive its responses should be. You have to define the capabilities of your digital helper to match the needs of your business and your consumers. 

Determine what the bot’s focus will be:

  • Specific products and services
  • Adapting to unexpected consumer input

Simple bots are mostly focused on a particular goal, but chatbots with the best AI can do so much more than that. They can handle thousands of inquiries on a daily level while providing exceptional customer service 24/7/365. 

That aside, they can also learn with each interaction to improve their responses and provide more relevant customer-centric service. 

Chatbots aren’t only here to serve your business purposes; they are here to provide higher value to your customers. Intelligent bots can engage users in long conversations while providing a seamless experience across all social media channels.

4. Include Machine Learning And NLP


Chatbots have developed exceptional capabilities, thanks to the most advanced AI technologies like machine learning and NLP. 

These technologies are the brains of your little bot helper. ML and NLP help a bot by providing it with the basic input/output capabilities, permeating it with conversational and language skills, and the ability to perform each action with responsiveness and quality.

The power of AI makes your bot fully scalable, so it can develop and evolve with your business while providing consumers with a natural and smooth mode of conversation, every step of the customer journey. 

The smart mechanisms of ML and NLP utilize the power of AI to give a bot the ability not only to identify a problem but provide the right solution while understanding the nature of human speech. 

That’s how bots are able to mimic human conversations almost to a fault, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for each consumer.

5. The Deployment Phase

Once the design and development phases are completed, the final stage of deployment in your chatbot journey is ready to begin.

Here are some factors to consider before you go live:

  • Deploying a bot to on-site infrastructure – gives you physical control over the bot-controlling systems
  • Choosing the right cloud platform (if any) – more cost-effective solution than on-site

Cloud solutions offer a higher level of redundancy in case of a natural disaster, hardware/software/system failure, and a primary offline server. Since we’re talking about the e-commerce domain here, uptime is one of your top priorities. Cloud is also better in terms of security.


If you’re about to rely on automation and chatbot technology to make your online business better, creating a smart chatbot online is the best way. 

It can help your business by improving productivity and efficiency and providing both reliability and the highest level of quality service to your consumers. 

While all this may sound a bit complex, it’s all worth the effort. The best AI chatbot will become the very cornerstone of your online interactions with customers.

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