How To Protect Yourself Online

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With the world gradually shifting towards online transactions, it becomes even more important to protect oneself from the ever-increasing threats from hackers, scammers and other cybercriminals.

Crucial personal and financial information is getting into the hands of hackers and there several people who lose their hard-earned to scammers. While you can’t completely insulate yourself from the cyber threats as long you are online, there are skills and knowledge you can acquire to help you identify and avoid some of the traps set by these hackers. These help you create a safer online safe and help you mitigate the effects should fall victim to a cyber-attack.

Here are ways to protect yourself online.

Update your computer security system

Failing to update your computer security protection software like the anti-virus makes you vulnerable to attacks by malicious software and individuals.

When your device is not secured, a hacker may target you by offering alternative security options which are scams. This scams can enable the individual to hack your system that can easily lead to a disclosure of all your personal and financial information.

Getting your security software from reputable sources and keeping it update helps repel virus attacks and even alerts when you are accessing an insecure site where you privacy may be at risk.

Keep your personal information private

Be careful with whom you share your information with. This includes you contact information, social security number, credit card and bank account details. You can lose all your life savings should this kind of important information land in the wrong hands.

So, before you share this information with anyone or any website, double check their authenticity and security. Only make your online purchases at reputable and encrypted websites that protect your financial information from hackers. A secure site should have a ‘https’ at the beginning of the web address.

Review before you download

Product review like Rebel Galaxy Review gives you essential information like user tips, pros and cons, about the files you are about and also give a glimpse of the security implications of the download.

Make sure you review the apps that request access to your smartphone camera, messages, call logs, etc., before you download them. More importantly, download your apps from reputable platforms, which is the Google Play Store for Android devices and iTunes for Apple products.

Create strong passwords

You can expect online security yet you use the same passwords for your several online accounts. While it makes for easy recall to have the same passwords for all your online accounts, it is a dangerous way to live since should one your accounts get hacked, then you are at the mercy of the hackers.

Worse, they are those who use lazy passwords like their name and date of birth, which doesn’t even require an experience hacker to breach.

If you can’t be bothered to think of a secure password that doesn’t involve obvious combinations, the use a password-generator to secure your accounts.

For increased security, you can include a two-step verification for all your account access.

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