How To Use Virtual Mobile Numbers For Staff Communication During A Crisis

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Businesses can communicate with their employees in various ways, and they can use email or phone; some organizations still use traditional letters.

But at the time of crisis, speed and ability to reach a broad audience become the most critical aspects of communication. And those factors say in favor of SMS.

The best communication channels and their features

According to recent research, an average person picks up his or her phone about 60 times a day. That’s why SMS is one of the most efficient methods to get your message across when your message is time-sensitive. SMS has an impressive open rate, close to 100%, making it the most appropriate channel at the time of an emergency, crisis, or pandemic.

Business organizations need a way to distribute the message to all their staff at once.

At a time of crisis, companies might need quick feedback from their employees after sending them messages. This thing would allow you to make a quick evaluation of the situation in the team and make further corrections and transmit directions.

Privacy and teamwork

When working in a group, the aspect of privacy always arises. Everyone needs to protect their privacy. For example, advertisers create lots of accounts on social media or advertising platforms in the marketing field.

And when creating accounts, they need to register via personal phone numbers. And that’s a problem because socials and other online services could gather data and send them to third parties who use it to create a customer persona and run targeted ads.

Using virtual phone numbers when handling issues in teams

However, you don’t have to use your personal phone number when you’ve got virtual ones. In this way, all the messages will be stored online on some websites of the SMS online providers. And you won’t have to give away your personal information, such as a virtual phone number.

OnlineSIM as the leading virtual phone provider

OnlineSIM is a company that offers virtual phone numbers from all over the world. Those are the numbers of real mobile carriers. The company uses proprietary software to generate phone numbers. With over 10K phone numbers on its list, the OnlineSIM company provides them from 30 different countries.

If you need to create another profile on social media, go to the OnlineSIM website and register. After that, select the social you need and get your virtual phone number to register. Relatively simple, isn’t it? Watch here how it all works.

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