HTC Confirms Delay in Smartwatch Launch till 2015

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Back in September, a media report surfaced suggesting that the Taiwan based tech titan HTC has canned the plans regarding a smartwatch. The primary reason for the same was claimed to be the fact that the smartwatch market was already witnessing a plethora of such launches and getting competitive day by day. However, another report came in within a week’s time speculating that HTC was still involved in working on the wearable device.

Moreover, HTC CEO Peter Chou made public his interest in venturing into the wearable market segment back in 2013 tipping that the vendor will definitely launch one, thought the specific time frame is now known. Since then, the general harmony was that HTC was looking to release an Android Wear based smartwatch in August 2014, but then the project had been canned and was delayed to get a new launch date in 2015.


Earlier this week, Jason Mackenzie claimed that HTC originally planned to have a wearable launch this time of the year, but it ended up as the device was not ready. With that being clear, HTC has made it clear that the reason for the delay was not the competition, but to make the device equipped with the “wow factor” when it is launched in order to make it unique in the market.

According to HTC Creative Labs’ Drew Bamford, the wearable devices that exist in the market currently are not deserved to be worn on the wrist. He also claimed that when HTC enters the wearable device market segment, the firm aims its product to have a strong point if view and to make them mandatory to strap it on the wrist.

This move of HTC is actually really wise letting the firm to skip some of the growing pains a first generation hardware and software face. Also, HTC could learn for the competition and avoid in repeating the same mistakes.

What do you think about the HTC smartwatch? Will you be patient enough till 2015 or buy another smartwatch available in the market?


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