Important Reasons Why We Will Always Need Cybersecurity And Forensics

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It seems as though we have come to a point where everyone expects technology to run on autopilot. After all, we have smart TVs, smart phones, smart climate control, smart lighting and smart everything, but we have yet to develop effective smart cybersecurity and forensics. Whether you are a connected private individual or a business holding hundreds (if not thousands!) of client records, it’s imperative that you understand just how important cybersecurity and forensics are to you and why they will continue to be over time. Here are just three reasons why.

Every Vulnerability Can Lead to Cybertheft

One of the biggest concerns today is still cybertheft. Not only are a company’s financial records at risk, but so too are the financial and personal records of every single person who is connected or deals with a company that’s connected to the Web. You can clearly see that is literally everyone from birth to death and even beyond. Cybertheft of private data of the recently deceased could take up volumes, but cybercriminals hack systems daily to gain access to such things as social security numbers and other personal data to use in procuring lines of credit. Even death is no longer sacred, so even a single hack can lead to huge losses.

AI Is Not as Comprehensive as a Human Security Approach

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way in recent years and this is just the problem. Sometimes we rely too heavily on our machines which can literally teach themselves to do increasingly difficult tasks. Unfortunately, when it comes to forensics and investigations, much is left to human psychology. There is a whole field of study that revolves around the ‘whys’ of crime and when it comes to understanding human nature, AI just doesn’t have what it takes!

We can teach machines to think, but we can’t teach AI to ‘feel’ and a huge part of digital investigation services leans heavily on understanding human nature. Why are they attacking your system and are they doing so just to cause havoc, or do they have some nefarious intention which could spell disaster for you and/or your company. Sometimes the answer stems from a ‘gut feeling’ that the investigator follows and sadly, AI doesn’t have that capability.

Get Your Head Out of the Cloud!

Finally, we all live connected lives, knowingly or unknowingly. As mentioned above, even if you personally are not connected to the Web, companies and organizations you deal with are! Even churches now have an online presence which makes parishioners’ records just as vulnerable as they are at a doctor or financial institution.

You may enjoy working in the Cloud where you can stay connected in real time for purposes of collaboration, but it’s time to get your head out of the Cloud for just a moment. Yes, Cloud computing takes advantage of IP routing and rerouting, but even there it is possible to find vulnerabilities, and any connected techie with nefarious intentions ‘could’ possibly hack a local network. It’s time to get your head out of the Cloud to recognize the possibilities for cybercrime and have a link to digital investigation services on hand. You never know when you may need to track a hack.

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