How To Install CyanogenMod 10.2 in Samsung Galaxy S4

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It’s a great news for those who own Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung Galaxy S4 just got CyanogenMod 10.2, not officially but unofficially. The CyanogenMod ROM series is the best series of ROMs you will find on the internet. There are many other ROMs like Lewa OS, MIUI, Mokee OS, etc. but these does not have functions that CM (CyanogenMod) has. You get theme changer which you will not get in any other ROMs, MIUI supports it but it’s not popular ROM. You get over 1 lakh themes which supports your device, like Red, Blue, Green, Pink or of any color you like.

CyanogenMod 10.2 Themes

Another cool feature of CyanogenMod is that you get DSP manger in it, which enhances your device’s bass, treble and other options. Customize your songs experience with compression, headphone filtering and other options.

DSP Manager

Now, you get quick settings on your statusbar which is really great work by CyanogenMod Team. It looks good and it makes your work fast. You get good camera application too- Focal. Focal was a project of CyanogenMod Team for making a custom camera application which will provide us many other features than the stock camera application. You get 2x features than the stock camera. And, CM i.e CyanogenMod is an open-source project so you can easily customize it like the way you want it.

CyanogenMod 10.2 Tiles and Layout

Some basic features of CyanogenMod 10.2

1) Based on Android 4.3 JellyBean OS.

2) Special camera application- Focal.

3) Fast, stable and flexible.

4) Good User Interference (UI).

5) Quick Toggles on Status Bar.

6) Incognito mode.

Basic Requirements

1) ROM and the Google Apps (link at the end).

2) Samsung Galaxy S4 charged up to 70%.

3) Rooted with ClockWorkMod Recovery installed.

4) Basic knowledge of using custom recovery.

Steps to install CyanogenMod 10.2 in Samsung Galaxy S4

1) Download the ROM package and move it to your SD card.

2) Mount the SD card by USB cable.

3) Without extracting the ROM, move it to your SD card.

4) Reboot into ClockWorkMod Recovery or any custom recovery.

5) Make a  Nandroid backup of the current ROM so that if anything go wrongs, you can restore your backup.

To do this, choose “Backup and Restore” and then click on “Backup”. It will take some times and after that, you will see a message of completion.

6) Wipe the user data.

To do this, choose “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and press yes. In some seconds, it will complete

7) Format the system partition.

To do this,  Go to “Mounts and Restore” and click on “format /system”. Accept the warning and press “yes”.

8) Now, we are ready to flash the ROM! Click on “Install zip from SD card” and click on “Choose zip from SD card”. Now, select the CyanogenMod 10.2 ROM package you just downloaded.

9) Press “Yes”.

10) Now, after the installation, Wipe the user data again.

*Optional- for installing GApps- Gmail, Email and other Google products.

11) Download and move the GApps and move it to SD card.

12) Install it like you installed The CM 10.2 without wiping the data and formatting the system.

13) Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S4 by clicking on “Reboot System Now” in ClockWorkMod Recovery.


1) CyanogenMod 10.2 for Samsung Galaxy S4.

2) Google Apps.

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