Investment in Commercial properties

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The best option to invest in India when it comes to real estate is in commercial properties. NRI’s are purchasing commercial properties in Delhi for sale, Bangalore etc as a part of the investment. There are a lot of under construction projects in Delhi than any other city in the country. This demand for commercial properties is also increasing requirements for flats for sale in Delhi.

Investment in Commercial Properties

India offers pulsating market and opportunities for commercial property investors. Commercial spaces are of high demand in India the prices are skyrocketing and it is the ideal time to make and investment. The exceptional growth and FDI has been predicted by analysts across the country in the times to come. With the availability of improved infrastructure and top quality amenities, property is highly Sought after. India is becoming the hub for investments in residential commercial and retail spaces. From a commercial space investment viewpoint, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, and Jaipur are the major popular cities and ideal places for investing in commercial properties. A Huge sum of money is invested by popular builders across the country here for the development real estate. Office spaces, retail outlets, hotels, hospitals are the categories available for investment in commercial properties.

The central government being steady now, attitude towards real estate sector looks positive all over again, and there is a totally transformed sense of poise now in the industry. Here are some reasons why it is Ideal time for investment commercial spaces now.


There are a lot of new enterprises being registered every day and this in turn results as a benefit for commercial spaces. Apart from the enterprises based abroad, there has been a steady growth in the businesses originating in India. There is a lot of demand for commercial properties in all major cities of the country. And These increase in demand is not just because of the businessmen, Even working professionals like Accountants, Doctors, Pet doctors, All are on the lookout for office spaces. This section of people is also catered by the builders these days by providing small commercial spaces. If the budget is not too high with the above-mentioned individuals they can always opt for smaller office spaces which can be even rented out later.

The Returns

The rental returns for commercial spaces are generally 8-11%. If returns of residential property are compared to commercial property without taking into consideration the appreciation of capital worth, it stands much lesser at 2.5 to 4%. Investment in Commercial spaces is a good proposition as there is a growing demand for the office buildings in India. Returns from commercial spaces are better than residential spaces because of higher capital appreciation due to the mounting demand.

The Building Amenities

For good rents basic amenities like a parking space, power backup for lifts, fire protection measures, wiring of good quality in the offices for running quite a lot of computers and so on. The infrastructure in the offices, such as seats etc, should also be taken into account so that the number of people accommodated can be more if the business hires additional staff.

Tax Benefit

Owners of commercial properties have a number of benefits From Taxation.   A large segment of your revenue can be guarded using mortgage interest and deductions due to depreciation. To understand all these benefits, it is always recommended that one should consult His/her tax advisor.


Mortgage interest rate is the most important expenditure of purchasing real estate. Today the rates at which the commercial properties are purchased is at it all time Low, which in turn  saves a  significant amount of funds as the commercial mortgage is paid. Arranging finance can be a challenge on various levels, so it’s important to uphold a clean financial profile.

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