Is Your Dealer Live Chat Software Optimized For Car Sales?

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Is your dealership struggling with a sales slump? It may be time to start investing in new technology to reverse the trend and set yourself up for success.

The average car dealership sold 1,045 new light vehicles in 2016. Today, car sales are struggling as interest in new vehicles declines. Although market analysts say the market is still comparatively strong, dealers are seeing a decline in sales and it’s hitting them.

Many dealerships are turning to smart live chat to stay competitive in a shrinking market. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill live chat windows, though. They’re designed to optimize lead generation and sales for car dealerships.

Today, there’s a smarter way to do live chat. Smart live chat includes inventory integration, dynamic greeting, live video, and it pushes incentives, allows service scheduling, and combines the best of fully-managed chat with dealer-managed chat. That may sound like a lot, but live chat solutions such as Gubagoo now offer all these features, specifically designed to help car dealerships generate leads and sell more. Here’s how smart live chat software works:

Live Dealer Chat with Inventory Integration

It takes car buyers a total of 15 hours to research a car before they make a decision, and they spend 60% of their time online. Inventory integration in dealer chat gives you more influence in that customer’s research process.

Get Your Sales Team on Live Dealer Chat

One of the advantages of using Gubagoo live dealer chat is that it lets your in-house sales team make the most of the platform without losing the advantages of a 24/7 fully-managed chat. Your sales team will get alerts through an app when a live chat is happening. They can introduce themselves into the conversation and start building a relationship with the customer right away. The earlier you establish a connection with the customer, the more you can gain their trust and influence their decision.

Live Video Integrated into Live Dealer Chat

Live video is one of the most effective new ways to help clients buy cars and it should be part of your dealer chat software. When a salesperson in your dealership is talking to a customer, they can switch the live chat to live video and show them the model they’re asking about on the floor or just talk face-to-face. Showing customers the real people on the other side of the chat is an effective selling tool.

Dealer Chat History and Analytics

With dealer chat history and analytics, you never lose track of the leads you’ve been capturing through live chat. You should be able to log into your live dealer chat platform and see all the leads you’re working on, view their chat history (to find out what products or services interest them), and view your data in easy-to-read graphs. You should also be able to integrate your live chat results with any CRM.

Dealer chat has changed over the years. Your dealer chat solution should be more advanced and tuned to the needs of the car sales business.

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