LG Wine Smart, First Flip Style Smartphone Teased Online

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Gone are the days when flip phones were only feature phones as the recent media reports suggest of a smart flip phone in the works. Well, there are reports that the South Korean tech titan LG is claimed to be all set to launch one soon as the vendor has put up a teaser showing a device dubbed LG Wine Smart.

The Wine lineup of flip phones is available in different markets across the world including U.S., Canada, Japan and South Korea. If the device is released, it will be the oldest existing handset brand in the South Korean market. The lineup was initially introduced in 2007 and it has been a primary brand in the local market. The most recent model launched by the brand is Wine Phone 5 that was announced in April 2012.

lg wine smart

There is a dedicated website for the brand – www.lgwinesmart-event.com for the sake of the new device and this indicates that the handset will be in South Korean market alone with bleak chances of western availability.

The other aspects of the LG Wine Smart handset remains unknown including the operating system it will be based on. However, the teaser image shows a glowing button and this is claimed to be a special button, but nothing regarding its functionality is known.

For now, LG has not revealed anything regarding the specific features and the possible release date of the LG Wine Smart flip phone, however the inside sources claim that the handset will be launched in the local market in September.

While LG is planning to launch its first ever flip-style smartphone in the coming weeks, another South Korean tech tycoon that is the leader in the market, Samsung has launched one such handset dubbed Samsung Galaxy Golden. This smart flip phone launched last year comes equipped with a dual screen display and was targeted towards the consumers who like to experience traditional flip phones without compromising on the smartphone features. It is clear that LG being the second largest smartphone maker in South Korea is aiming to outdo Samsung with the launch of this smart flip phone.

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