A Look At The Biggest Video Game Competitions In The World

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You are in a somewhat dystopian world of hi-tech gaming, surrounded by co-players and fans. With machines that don’t compromise performance and ergonomics, you are playing your favorite video game. If you think this is a dream, you’re wrong. This is a typical scene at the International DOTA 2 Competition that takes place on every August, at Seattle, USA. With 16 different teams and 80 competitors across the table, it has been a must-have destination of gaming addicts. And, if you manage to get the first prize by surpassing the odds, it is likely that you’re one of the best DOTA 2 gamers in the world. How does that sound, folks?

Just like the International DOTA 2 Competition, the world hosts multiple video game competitions, spread over different countries and continents. You know the second best thing that attracts all these gamers into these gaming competitors? The amazing prize money and the community presence. Every single competition features the best players from the different parts, competing each other for the ultimate prize. On another note, if you are from China and want to check out one of the biggest Crossfire video game competitions, do not forget to head over to Crossfire Stars that happens in every December, offering winner prize of $200,000.

Likewise, if you are confident about the games you’ve been playing all long, you have some best competitions to take part. Here is an infographic from MrGamez that lists out the biggest gaming competitions that world sees every year.

See infographic here(via www.mrgamez.com).

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