Meet The Startup: Amazing Potential Of The iGaming Industry

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Not so long ago working in the iGaming industry was considered disreputable and not something people would brag about at parties. Those who did were often met with a lot of raised eyebrows and quiet scorn, especially from other IT professionals. As the industry developed and grew, things have changed and more and more people are finding a career in iGaming more than fulfilling. The monetary compensation is on the rise, with an increase of 2.7% in 2018 across the industry and the locations where iGaming companies are headquartered are among the most tempting in the world.


While still not on par with salaries in other IT sectors, especially with middle-tier employees, iGaming has been steadily increasing the amount of money it pays to the employees. The top ten percent made £235,000 per year on average in 2018. That is great news for top earners, but there are some concerns about the increasing gap between top and middle-range employees. This is hardly specific to iGaming, as we see it across a wide range of industries, where top-level management earns as much as double, compared to middle-level employees. Another key factor that drives the salaries up is experience, and people with several years of working in iGaming easily out-earn those who have just joined, despite their overall experience.

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iGaming is a massive industry and there are numerous career opportunities, ranging from marketing to IT experts. Helping create a fun online slots game can be very rewarding, both in terms of money and personal satisfaction, especially when you get to see how many people enjoy playing once it is released. Marketing is another field that has seen a large surge of interest. Customer support, account managers, finance and legal professionals are always needed in order to sustain the growth of the industry and the influx of new clients. As all big industries, iGaming needs all sort of professions to keep it running smoothly.

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Based on the Scandinavian work culture, iGaming tends to present a relaxed work environment, with perks like free lunch buffets, excellent employee kitchens, stylish interior and relaxation, and gaming rooms being almost a norm in many companies. Coupled with relaxed dress code, often described as “every day is a casual Friday”, the allure of working in such a place is easy to see. The companies tend to invest in their employees and offer all kinds of training, followed by a corresponding rise in pay, in order to stay competitive and retain them, but at the same time striving to keep a balance between work and leisure. There are numerous events and international conferences held each year across Europe, representing an opportunity to meet and socialize with peers from other companies and take a break from office work.


Perhaps one of the most tempting aspects of working in iGaming is the locations. Speaking of European companies, a vast majority of them are based in the UK, Gibraltar, and Malta, with a few working from Israel. With Brexit looming, most of the UK-based ones are relocation, and Malta has been the biggest receiver of their business. A small, fairly exotic Island in the middle of the Mediterranean, with a great climate, has plenty to offer to its residents and it is easy to see why companies are flocking there.

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Affiliate Business

Of course, working directly for one of the companies isn’t the only way of making money in iGaming. Becoming an affiliate is another popular option and the one that perhaps has an even higher ceiling for earning. Generating traffic for an iGaming site can be a lucrative proposition and the number of affiliates redirecting their users has been steadily growing. One of the best parts of joining an iGaming affiliate program is that it is almost completely risk-free, since you don’t need to invest your money into the project, yet you remain an independent contractor.

iGaming is a $100-billion industry and growing, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. With many career paths to choose from, excellent pay, and attractive relocation opportunities, it is one of the most appealing employers on the job market today.

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