How Melrose Inc. Can Benefit Your Business Needs

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At Melrose INC, we pride ourselves on our client satisfaction and in providing a variety of services with expertise and know-how. One of the services we can provide is storage solutions for businesses. There are many to choose from, and knowing your business needs will help us determine which storage solution might be the best for you. Below are two of our very best storage solutions for businesses; the NAS system and the Cloud. Read further to learn more about each of these forms of storage and then contact us at Melrose INC to incorporate one of these storage solutions into your business today! You will be glad you did!

NAS System

Melrose INC also offers a NAS system. A NAS system is network attached storage and the system is able to store your data using an area network to produce a file-based storage system. The system runs on an Ethernet connection and offers a variety of benefits. With a NAS system, you can have smart TV’s, security systems and any other internet based application stored within it. This system also serves as a backup and can recover files if needed. Melrose INC has it all when it comes to NAS systems in Los Angeles.

The Cloud

The Cloud offers several benefits and is a great tool for any business, large or small. The Cloud saves any and all information you desire and can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. The Cloud offers protection and security features built in that will promise you will never lose any files or accidentally delete any data that you need to keep. You can also stream applications directly from the Cloud! The Cloud is truly the best storage server and solution to your storage needs!

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