Microsoft refreshes Bing’s Logo and Design to challenge Google

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Microsoft is finally refreshing its search engine’s logo and design. Yes, I’m talking about Bing which is getting new logo and design this time. The logo is inspired by the official new logos of Microsoft products.

Bing was used mostly in the US but the recent changes done in Google for the sake of quality have decreased its users. This time, a new logo and design seems a strategy to go after Google. Soon we’ll see new search engine algorithm updates over Bing to improve quality of search results.

New Bing Logo Concept

Going responsive

The color combination in new logo is identical to the ones which are there in the official logo of Microsoft. Very soon Microsoft will bring more updates to make Bing more responsive and deliver quality search results.

One more major update brought to Bing is that the new responsive design is compatible with not just PCs but also with tablets and smartphones. So Microsoft is going with time and if they develop some useful algorithms to increase quality of search results then no doubt Bing can challenge Google.

Social integration

Microsoft has also introduce social integration feature in the Bing which will pull out best results from your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and show them right on the search result pages.

If Microsoft has designed and used this feature in a simple and elegant way then I’m sure users are going to like it. The Facebook’s Graph Search is also integrated with Bing and I’m sure partnership between Facebook and Microsoft will help Bing to get better results.

Get results before page loads

This is going to be the most popular feature of the new Bing. It will load the result for you before the complete page loads. So the time required to fetch results from search engine will be further minimized.

Microsoft refreshes Bing's Logo

Microsoft has named this feature as ‘Page Zero’ and as soon as user looks for some query then a new popup will appear displaying few results that will help user to get information.

The Page Zero concept will also ask user to choose between queries in situation when search engine gets confused to show results on a particular query.

More real life things like weather, hotel info, flight info will be displayed right on the Bing when users search for them. So the new Bing will provide more info than before. You can watch offiical video uploaded by Microsoft on the launch of new Bing logo and design.

Also Coming to Windows 8

All new changes introduced here will be coming to Windows 8 very soon. Microsoft has already shown that they are going to update the search tool of Windows 8 in the upcoming Windows 8.1 update. But not all new Bing will be provided as breakfast to the users.

Right now you can experience the new Bing but it will take some time to cover up completely the older Bing. Microsoft will bring more new features to Bing in future.


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