Microsoft’s HoloLens is Magical with Holographic Projections

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In the beginning of year 2000 the virtual reality were something more extra ordinary technology compared to other solutions at that time. Due to their massive size and overall many companies dropped their project. But the tech giants Microsoft is transforming the usual Virtual reality in to a whole new level. During the launch of Windows 10 OS Microsoft introduced their whole new technology called HoloLens. May be Microsoft released this particular product in order to compete with Google Glass. But this holographic projection is the next big thing for sure!

One of the attraction is that this piece of equipment can project anything in to real life world which supports 3D. All you have to do is to wear this piece of equipment. The headset is in the type of a huge goggles with a powerful CPU and graphical processing unit. There is also 2 inner earpieces for audible purposes.

Possibilities are limitless!


Well that will be tricky question. You can convert anything that comes through the equipment into a holographic images. In the earlier releases of this kind of device will project only per programmed applications. Here, you don’t have to do that. This is all done by the OS. Windows 10 became the first computing environment to support Holographic conversion.

Holographic Projection in Gaming?


Can be used on any fields. But the gadget will be used more in gaming field. Have you ever thought of playing the creepy mine craft game through this new device. Well the company introduced the HoloLens by playing the Minecraft game.

It was yesterday that Microsoft revealed that this could play a unique part in NASA’s mars mission. The Mars environment were seen through HoloLens using the pictures sent by the Curiosity space rover. You can make use of the HoloLens to make Skype calls virtually. That is you will be able to see the person in front of you projected in holographic view.

A Competitor for Google Glass?

Well it all depends about the product. Google Glass is a smaller device compared to HoloLens. The price point seems to be a higher category compared to Google glass. Microsoft still not revealed about mass production of the device. Also said that this will be the future. Let us hope we get our hands on the HoloLens.

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