Mobile Gaming: From Snake To A Pocket-Sized Las Vegas

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Mobile games have become a thing when an engineer added a simple, monochrome game to the software of Nokia’s 6110 handset. The game was not original, and didn’t have the fancy graphics and features we appreciate today, but was an unexpected success. People suddenly realized that their phones are more than just simple communication devices – they can serve entertainment purposes, too. And in the two decades that have passed ever since, mobile gaming has become a global industry worth over $35 billion.

Mobile Gaming

Vegas in your pocket

Playing simple games on the go has become common in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but more complex games, that needed a constant mobile internet connection and improved security, were hard to realize. But this didn’t stop casino software developers to try to break into this new platform. The Royal Vegas Casino was the first to implement a mobile version, built in Java (the development platform of choice in those years), which had a limited success. Although playing their favorite real money games on the go was always on the Royal Vegas users’ wishlist, they had to wait for years to get what they wanted.

The smartphones of the post-iPhone era were not enough in themselves to put Vegas-grade entertainment into the players’ pockets – especially because of the restrictions imposed by the app marketplaces. But when HTML5 became the new norm, developers could build secure, accessible, and completely cross-platform mobile casino. And this was when the era of mobile gambling has begun.

Today, the Royal Vegas Casino Australia has a library of over 100 games available for mobile play. The games are all built in HTML5, and completely optimized to run on the extremely fragmented hardware and software platforms of our days. The Royal Vegas Mobile Casino offers its players tens of pokies, with new ones added to the collection every month. Players can create new accounts or access their existing ones on the go, make deposits and withdraw their winnings when away from home – basically to have a Vegas-grade experience wherever they are. Provided they have an active internet connection, of course.

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Mobile gaming will continue to rise

Smartphones are common in the so-called “developed” countries, and they slowly find their way into the “developing” economies, too. The manufacturers are now seeking to explore new markets – densely populated countries like India or Brazil. The masses of new smartphone users will mean more mobile game players, and continuous growth for the mobile gaming industry. According to NewZoo’s estimate, the global gaming market will generate revenues of over $99 billion this year, with smartphone games growing at the fastest rate. The company predicts that mobile games will become the largest gaming segment by 2018.

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