Movavi Game Capture Review

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Movavi Game Capture is a game recording software that enables you to record games with one click, allows you to fine tune your video footages. The application also allows you to saves gameplay for mobile devices and gives you an option of sharing the same recorded videos online. You no longer have to worry about your videos anymore, with this application; you can easily record videos playing on your PC. The process is so simple, you can do it yourself even without the help of a professional. Here is a review of the application that seeks to guide you through game recording software.

Movavi Game Capture

Features and functionality

Movavi Game Capture can allow you to do the following:

a) Turn recorded videos from your PC into movies

There is always something interesting about avid gamers, there is always the tendency of them wanting to play more and more.  As someone who is passionate about his game, you want to keep some of your best memories with you even as you proceed from one stage to the other. Movavi Game Capture provides you with an opportunity to record most of your victories and losses. The software ha the ability of saving your PC game’s missions basically as breathtaking videos. Movavi Game Capture is a powerful recorder that works in the most efficient way. The recorder does not even slowdown your system neither do the blurry graphics spoil your games.

b) It’s simple to record

With just a simple push of the button, you can start recording your game. The process is so simple. There are even shortcut keys which can help make the recording process as simple as possible. By simply pressing the F10 key on your keyboard, Movavi Game Capture automatically starts to record the gameplay at a speed of 60 frames per seconds.

c) Records both music and sound

The game recorder not only records the game, it is also capable of recording all the audio atmosphere of your game. The audio game recorder can help you record and capture game theme together with the sounds to use. The recorder audios can be saved in MP3, WAV, FLAC or WMA formats.

d) Sharing

After completing the process, you can share your video with friends on channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

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