NetBase Maximizes the Social Media Listening Applications

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Using social media metrics for success in the online economy is now an integral part of conducting business. Several tools are available to support professionals and their campaigns. It is important to understand which solutions are best for the needs of an organization. 

Improving Customer Insights with Social Media Listening

There are two main measurements that help a business understand their customers better. Monitoring and listening tools each support different aspects. Social media monitoring provides invaluable information for determining the historical significance of data and campaign maintenance. In contrast, social media listening pertains to solutions that extract insightful information.

Social media listening monitors a variety of metrics to better formulate relevant information for a particular organization. It achieves this by monitoring social media channels and extrapolating data that make up a corporation’s public perception, for example. Aspects like customer feedback to press releases, mentions of a product, industry relevant topics, and fan base reactions are all obvious ways that listening tools can be used. However, to be competitive, an organization must leverage more than the obvious information that’s available online.

Leveraging Customer Insights

Social media listening tools provide unparalleled opportunities to better understand customers. Insights are found by using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to coordinate and correlate the large amounts of data available online. Information is more useful when coordinated through user-friendly AI interfaces. This streamlines control over correlating information for an organization’s desired results.

Besides dynamic interfaces that provide better connections between users and unstructured data, AI can be programmed to learn in very meaningful ways. Machine learning (ML) is another invaluable solution that falls under the umbrella of AI technologies. Deep machine learning, in particular, can provide very useful and highly targeted customer insights. This is applicable for any organization, product, or service that has a social media presence.

Campaign Specific AI Solutions to Improve SM Listening

Understanding how deep ML works is not necessary to benefit from this incredible technology. In fact, solutions have advanced so much that programming the needed particulars of a campaign are now available to any company. This is so because AI interfaces and deep ML are developed together. AI technology keeps pace with industry demand through growth and advancements of deep ML programs. Users are empowered through advanced interface functionality that interact with programs that utilize ML.

NetBase provides cutting edge AI tools that improves an organization’s understanding and response to their social media impact. The company specializes in higher level solutions pertaining to social metrics. For social media listening, NetBase can benefit an organization by improving its chances of launching a product and succeeding in meeting the objectives of a marketing campaign. Specifically, NetBase specializes in tailoring solutions for campaigns that require:

  • better brand health
  • higher customer acquisition numbers
  • target the best use of innovation
  • support new product launches
  • improve influencer marketing

In addition to the product-focused agendas above, NetBase solutions can improve customer care and be a great asset during crisis management.


Social media listening is one of the most powerful tools that an organization has to secure the success of its broad goals and targeted campaigns. Listening solutions are now readily available. How well a company employs these solutions depends upon their internal operations and the ability to work with a provider. There are solutions available that come with the support of knowledgeable professionals who are eager to help. This is the best choice for the rapidly advancing online world.

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