New Google Homepage rolling out – New Flat Logo without shadows

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After Yahoo changing its Logo news are around the corner that New Google Homepage is rolling out with a new flat logo. According to Droidlife, a new Google logo is in work and it can be out anytime. The new Google logo is flattened and doesn’t have the shadows which are there in the current logo.

Lots of users are noticing new Google logo while accessing this search engine’s homepage from Chrome browser. The size of the logo is also minimized and the top black bar is also updated with new design.

GoogleAccording to Verge, Google has been updating the home page since few months but now lots of users seem experiencing it.

Black color top bar is gone!

Now the black colored bar at top which use to hold all Google services is now updated with a colorful bar and the icons of Google services are also flattened up.

The menu button icon in Chrome is also imported into the new home page and when users click there then they will be able to access other Google’s applications. So the home page is now in Chrome style.

Here below is the image of upcoming and current Google logo so that you can make out what changes are actually in work.

New Google Logo with older one - Comparison

Yahoo has already done with change in their logo which wasn’t accepted by most of their users and they were demanding for the older one.

Let see how people react with this new flat logo of Google. For me, the new logo is good and I’d love to use Google in a new design.

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