New Slot Machines Trends 2019-2020

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The year is about to end, and it is time to look forward to the future. With 2020 looming at us, one cannot help but wonder how technology is going to evolve in the slot machine world. What can we expect this 2020 from new video slot games? Let us take a look and find out!

Cryptocurrency For Slots

Cryptocurrency is now the name of the game. As it becomes more and more expensive to mine bitcoins, companies are doing what they can to accumulate it.

The thing with bitcoins today is that the cost of mining it against the price it fetches is no longer making sense. Pretty much, you will spend more on electricity and computer maintenance than the amount of money you get paid for what you mined.

In 2019, we saw a surge in the number of casinos that now accept bitcoin, and it is highly likely that in 2020, people should be able to play with bitcoins at online casinos. The issue today is that casinos convert bitcoin into cash, and then use that converted cash in the games, and you get to win cash, not bitcoin. This, of course, is questionable, considering that bitcoin prices fluctuate by the minute. 

In 2020, it is likely that online slots will accept bitcoins and pay in bitcoins. This set-up is a lot better, as players can deposit cryptocurrency and get paid with the same cryptocurrency. The only thing that matters now is if a casino has enough bitcoins stashed to pay out its players.  

Cluster Slot Machines

Slot machines are 100 years old. And even if they went through several “facelifts” over the decades, the premise stays the same: most of them sit on either a 5X3 or a 3X3 grid, and all of them spin at least ten different symbols. Add to that the fact that there are pay lines where you have to drop the same symbols in specific places to win money.

Today, there is a trend where the slots no longer spin, and they no longer require the symbols to land on specific spots. Instead, all you need to win is to form clusters of five or more symbols. Slots like this usually sit on a larger grid, mostly 7X7. Players love this because they have better opportunities to win. Although more symbols are involved, landing a cluster anywhere on the grid seems easier than the typical pay line combination.   

Cluster slots are also better because most of them have a cascading effect. If you win, the winning symbols disappear and shall be replaced with new ones, giving you more possibilities to form new clusters. 

Virtual Reality

This is no longer a dream, it has become a reality. Recently, NetEnt unveiled its first Virtual Reality slot machine. The game used to demonstrate this was Jack and the Beanstalk slot. 

The public gave a nod, and now, players are all fired up to play this new breed of slots. In VR, you wear a pair of VR glasses, and you are then transported to a new world within that glass. While the game mechanics remain the same, it is the experience that counts. If this becomes a normal game mode, players can enjoy their favourite slots while lying down, instead of holding a phone or sitting in front of a desktop.   

A VR slot machine will also definitely open new doors for other games like blackjack and roulette. And before we know it, live dealer games can also happen within the VR device. 

Multiple Progressive Jackpots

Players want to play hard, but they also want to win big. A new trend we see in slots is more progressive bonuses and more jackpots.

Today, there are only a handful of slots with multiple progressive jackpots. These multiple jackpots are usually called mini, minor, major, and jackpot. These are four types of jackpots that any person can win, all depending on how the bonus round was played. 

The thing with many slot machines that have progressive jackpots is that players are required to meet a minimum bet amount before they even qualify. The ideal progressive jackpot should qualify all bets regardless of the size, and yet pay jackpots in proportion to the wager.   


Slot machines continue to evolve year after year. Before the digital age, no slot machine had a wild or scatter symbol. Now, almost all slots have them. Then came 3D slots where the characters are a lot more interactive. 

In 2020, the slot machine is going to trend towards more advanced technologies like VR and better gameplay. There are even talks of making the slot machine a skill game, fused with the element of chance, as many players who get bored bounce off casino websites and move to more exciting table games, making casinos lose potential earnings.  


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