Pocket Review – Save Webpages (Articles & Videos) & Read Later On Any Device Anywhere

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A lot of time, we’ve something very important to read or watch on internet but we ran out of time and later we just forget about it. This situation is getting common over internet and got two solutions.

The first traditional solution is that you remember the webpage which you’re reading earlier. But the second solution is that you simply install an app on either browser of your PC or on your smartphone which will remind you of the webpage that you’ve to read. I know the second solution sounds awesome.

Now to use the solution number two, you’ve to look for a better app that is available for all of your devices and works better than any other. I was also searching for such app few weeks ago and found Pocket.

Take Pocket app with youPocket review

Yes, Pocket is the app which you can install either on your Chrome or Firefox web browser of PC or on Android or iOS running smartphone or tablet. As you’re an internet user so you must be having at least one device for which the app is available and that’s how you can fall in love with this app.

You can save articles, videos and pictures from the web into the Pocket. Pocket doesn’t change the format of the web page and you’ll see whatever you save in the same format as you’re watching it on the live source.

Install Pocket on Chrome and Firefox

Personally, I’m still a basic phone user because I use internet during my work i.e. for whole day so I need some time for when I’m not attached any how to internet (just for the sake of my privacy). This is the reason why I used Pocket on my PC (as extension or add-on on Chrome or Firefox, respectively).

Pocket Signup process

Download Pocket for ChromeYou can follow the steps mentioned below to install Pocket on either Chrome or Firefox. You can get tutorial for your particular browser below,

  1. Visit this Pocket app link to reach it on Chrome store.
  2. Now click on “+ Free” button on the top right corner of popup window.
  3. Pocket will be added within few seconds and then you’ve to create an account for the app.

It’s a single step sign up process, so no big deal.

Download Pocket for Firefox———————————————————————–

  1. Visit this Pocket app link to reach it on Firefox add-ons.
  2. Click on “+ Add to Firefox” button and within seconds the app will be added as add-on.
  3. Sign up for the account or login if you already got that.

How to use Pocket app on Chrome or Firefox

Now this is going to be your next question for me to answer and I’ve written my answers below,

Using Pocket on Chrome & Firefox

You can simply right click on any webpage over internet and there you’ll find an option labeled “Save to Pocket”, just click it and that particular webpage will be saved into your Pocket.

Isn’t it easy?

Install Pocket on Android or iOS device

Pocket is available for your Android or iOS devices too and this is how Pocket app becomes more useful. It’s even available for BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian (S60) running devices. So Pocket had already covered up them all.

You can search for Pocket app on Google play store (for Android users), on App store (for iOS users) and respected app store for Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone users.

Wrap up

The app is worth and the common problem that I discussed in start of article is over at my end. Now I read all important articles and watch videos later in the evening.

Saved article in Pocket app

Pocket saves all of them in rich web standard quality and synchronize it with my account so that I can read saved web pages on any device.

Are you going to use this app now? Let me know the change came in your daily life after using Pocket (It helps me to save my time).

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