Quick Heal Total Security 2013 Review – Best Paid Antivirus for Windows

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There are lots of antivirus available for Windows PC these days and all of them claim themselves as best but not all of them are in reality. Quick Heal is a well known name in this industry and is providing protection since many years.

I recently purchased the Total Security 2013 Antivirus pack from Quick Heal and here I’m with its genuine review. Is it the best antivirus for Windows PC?

Quick Heal Total Security 2013 review

Before buying the full and licensed version of Quick Heal, I used the free version which I really liked. I was impressed by the simple user interface of the software and there was one more feature which I liked the most.

I’ve been using Windows OS since 6 years and from the starting I’ve been looking for a best antivirus. During my search for best antivirus for Windows, I used almost every popular antivirus and found one common feature that wasn’t impressive at all.

Quick Heal Total Security 2013 features

Most of the antiviruses count on processor too much. This was that feature which wasn’t impressive to me or to any user who care for speed of their PC. But when I used Quick Heal then this wasn’t the case and that’s how I decided to buy Quick Heal Total Security 2013.

Scanning features

Just like any antivirus, Quick Heal Total Security provides complete scanning features. You can choose among following scan options,

  1. Scanning featuresFull System Scan
  2. Custom Scan
  3. Memory Scan
  4. Boot Time Scan
  5. Mobile Scan

As an antivirus user, you must be aware of starting four features and the last Mobile Scan feature is there to scan your mobile device.

So Quick Heal Total Security also offers security features to your mobile devices. It scans every external storage media being plugged into your PC so there are no chances of getting any infection from external media storage devices.

Internet scanning

Internet is the most common source of getting virus but Quick Heal Total Security is there between you and virus. It provides e-mail and complete internet protection features which ensures just one thing, “happy internet browsing.

With Quick Heal Total Security installed on your PC, there are no chances of getting any kind of virus or infection from internet. If any website got some infection then the antivirus will notify you and access to that website will be stop instantly.

Parental lock

Using Quick Heal Total Security, you can also put parental lock for specific users of your PC. You can stop a particular user from accessing a particular type or list of websites.

Parental lock

You can also put time restrictions on internet usage which means a particular user will be allowed to access internet for limited time period only.

PC Tuner

This is another best feature of Quick Heal Total Security which comes as an additional benefit with complete version. It’s just like CCleaner and tune up computer by doing disk cleanup, registry cleanup, traces cleanup and defragmenter.

Quick Heal PC Tuner

Any time you think that your PC is responding slower than usual then call the PC Tuner and perform Auto Tuneup.

Tweaking settings

As shown in the screen shot below, these are the only setting options available. Unlike other antivirus there isn’t a long list of setting option to get confused.


There is also one more additional tool which comes for free i.e. Quick Heal AntiMalware. You can call this tool and scan your PC for malware. Malwares are the infections which collect your personal information from your PC and send it over to the developer. But with this tool, you’re safe with this kind of infection too.

Quick Heal AntiMalware

Update process

The worst part of antivirus is the update process. I really don’t like Avast at all because it just pop out so many times a day about getting updated. But I’m really happy with the Quick Heal Total Security as it gets updated automatically and provides a simple notification regarding that without distracting your attention from work.

Wrap up

Buy Quick Heal Total Security 2013Quick Heal Total Security is available at a price of Rs 1,949 (for single user and one year) but you can also try it for 30 days for free. The antivirus is really good at providing complete security and also helps your PC to stay tuned.

The best features according to Jim Obazee are the PC Tuner and the AntiMalware which help PC to stay safe and high at performance.

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4 thoughts on “Quick Heal Total Security 2013 Review – Best Paid Antivirus for Windows

  1. Hello Sarvesh,
    I liked your review, It is very informative and has made me happy to learn that an Indian company has made such a world-class product and this has been acknowledged world wide.

  2. Quick Heal Total Security is kinda good as well as not up to the mark. Quick Heal needs to enhance their protection qualities in all levels. Sometime back a Friend of mine had a virus problem. It was a Trojan that came from his outlook email client. I suggested Quick Heal as I knew it was good. The reality was really horrifying! Quick heal not only deleted the virus but also the file along with it. I guess, had it been Kaspersky or Avast it would just delete the virus and keep the file safe.

  3. Hi,I want to know….Does it consume (in megabite) lot of data if i update it after 15-20 days???…I use 2G..so updating daily is not possible for me…

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