Reasons Why You Need To Use Cloud Based Systems

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In recent years, Cloud computing has been a subject of debate for many business owners and entrepreneurs. While some people believe Cloud based systems are a threat to security and data protection, others believe Cloud is a blessing in disguise. There’s no doubt that Cloud services have become extremely popular among business organizations.

Due to the benefits of Cloud based systems, many companies have adopted this technology for different practices. Some of the popular ones include inventory management, customer relationship management and human capital management.


Cloud based systems have definitely offered a lot of benefits to business organizations. The benefits of backed up Cloud service providers are even more. They help back up all your data so there’s no risk of losing anything in case of crashes, hazards or accidents. Moreover, they offer their services at affordable prices.

Unfortunately, there are still many business organizations which shy away from employing Cloud services. The primary reason has always been data protection and security. However, since technology has substantially advanced and there are many Cloud backup service providers in the market, this problem can be easily resolved. There are many benefits of using Cloud services. Some of the key benefits have been discussed below.

Customer Satisfaction – These days, most of the customers keep looking for innovative and new offerings from business organizations. If you lack Cloud based systems, it can be very difficult to provide your customers with these innovative offerings. In tough economic times, every business needs to be on the Cloud to excel, and even survive.

Give Tough Fight to Competition – As mentioned earlier, almost every business organization is familiar with Cloud computing by now. Whether you consider a small business organization or large corporation, it will soon be a part of every organization. Thus, you need to make efforts to stay ahead of your competition. With Cloud backup services, you will be able to give a tough fight to your competition in every aspect.

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Change Revenue Stream – Cloud backup services also allow you to change the revenue stream. With Cloud based systems, you are able to attract a lot of new customers. In addition to this, you are also able to manage your existing customers in a better manner. You will be providing your customers with exactly what they pay for. Thus, Cloud based systems allow you to change the revenue stream, while focusing on existing customers and attracting new ones.

Ability to Provide Integrated Services – In case you are using on-premise software for your business operations, you will just have limited ability to provide integrated services to your customers. These days, it is not possible for you to have fully functional online services or websites without using Cloud based systems. A Cloud based system can allow you to easily bundle your software with various third party solutions. The service provider will offer managed services and make everything hassle free for you.


Lower Cost – Needless to say, Cloud computing requires fewer peripherals and technology than on-premise software. Therefore, you will incur lower operational and implementation cost. The service provider will only charge a maintenance cost according to the package you choose. You will not have to worry about upgrading or installing new software. The service provider will take care of everything.

Faster Implementation – The best part about Cloud services is that they don’t require any substantial set up or installation process. The service provider handles every aspect of set up, installation and management. In fact, almost every part in a Cloud based system comes pre-configured. It can be easily integrated with your existing system. Due to this, implementation is faster, easier and convenient. Thus, you receive a faster return on your investment.

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Fewer Responsibilities – There’s no doubt that running an in-house or on-premise system has many additional responsibilities. Some of these include software problems, hardware implications and network problems. When you install a Cloud based system, everything will be managed by the Cloud backup service provider.

Cloud has definitely become a lot more than just a passing trend. It provide you with a lot of opportunities to offer innovative services to customers. This is the reason why almost every business organization is turning towards Cloud computing and Cloud backup managed services. With backup services, you don’t have to worry about losing your data because of crashes, errors or accidents. The service provider will backup every piece of your data to keep it secure and safe.

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