Reasons Why Online Games Are Good for your Mind

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While addressing Crikey, Dr. Daniel Johnson the director of Games Research and Interaction Design Lab said, ” We’ve found an abundance of clear evidence that video games do have a positive influence. Evidence suggests that they can increase your mood, boost your vitality, create a sense of competency and autonomy, and can increase your self-esteem and resilience.” This goes a long way to show you just how much you can gain from playing a game. A while ago games were better known for their rather controversial influences hence the reason why majority of the parents were discouraging children from playing. This however was not true at all as research has proved otherwise.

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Cognitive scientists have argued that video games are actually good for you. In the late 80′s Physio and occupational therapists begun using video games to treat people suffering from all sorts of conditions; be it physical or cognitive problems. Games can actually be used to treat learning and emotional disorders such ADD. On the other hand, fast paced action video games such as the popular first person shooter games have been known to sharpen an individual’s vision, improve their ultimate working memory and develop your hand to eye coordination.

You might think that these skills are just virtual but in reality, they can help you on a day to day basis. The skills can be applied while driving or when trying to multitask. No wonder games such as Slotomania Free Slots are getting popular day by day and enjoyed by hundreds of people.

So, how exactly does this work?   

Daphne Bavelier a brain and cognitive science professor have undertaken a research program that seeks to study the effects of fast-paced action game on the plastic brain. The goal of their program is to find out ways of training people’s brains to be used in rehabs and reverse if possible the effects of cognitive decline that come as a result of aging.


With video games, she believes that it is a more general mode of learning that tends to tap into the brain’s plasticity. Brain plasticity can be defined as the brain’s capacity to learn and change simply by increasing the number of connections between neurons.

When you play video games, they unlock this capacity which is essential in improving the cognitive ability. Bavelier says,” It seems that there is a lot more plasticity you can induce by playing video games than by training people with more classical methods.”

The fact that playing video games improves your cognitive ability does not necessarily mean that it will help you remember names, faces or appointments. To help with this you need practical tools that are specifically designed for this.

However, if you are looking for something that can sharpen your mind, then video games can help with that. Our minds need regular exercises to help with creative thinking and to enhance our intellectual focus. Video games provide the players with a platform where they can stretch their brains to limits that brain-training programs cannot reach. In simple terms, gaming is a fun way of building your cognitive abilities.

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