The Rise Of The Mobile Web And how It Fueled E-Sports And Online Gambling

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Mobile technology has vastly transformed the way we access and consume content on the internet and this rise in browsing on the go is no coincidence. Such explosive growth is the result of a perfect storm that includes more powerful devices, mobile networks that offer high internet speeds, and more people around the world accessing the internet for the first time through smartphones.

As proof, statistics show that as of October 2016, more websites are now viewed on internet-connected devices such as smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers.

The perfect mix described above has meant that mobile has now become the best platform for internet usage thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices. Technological advances mean that we all have very powerful computers in our pockets. And the rise of mobile has also inevitably fuelled the growth of industries such as e-sports and online gambling while the shift to mobile has also been challenging for others. The winners have been those who have been quick to adapt to the constantly shifting technology landscape with the two mentioned above some of the best examples. 

Online Gambling Operators take Advantage of Mobile

Any business that relies on the internet has had to adapt to the shifting sands of how its target consumers access their services on the web. One sector that has always been quick to adjust its online model to benefit from the rise of mobile is the online gambling and casino games sector. Whether its internet casino sites such as Play Cosmo that offer mobile optimised platforms, or the growing number of affiliate betting websites, mobile has been a boon for the industry. With mobile being the best platform for internet usage, gaming on the go was inevitably going to become a popular pastime. Mostly people prefer downloading mobile casino games rather than playing them online. lists some of the best sites which offer this option.

Making it easier to find and play casino games online has helped grow player numbers across the online gambling industry as has the ability of more and more people to access the internet. 

E-Sports Also on the Rise

Another culture shift similar to the one above that has occurred thanks to mobile devices is that many people who were previously non-gaming are now at the very least casual gamers, allowing the industry to grow exponentially in recent years.

It is not only inspiring and growing new players that the rise of mobile has affected, better connection speeds also mean that e-sports tournaments not only fill arenas, they also command vast numbers of viewers on their online streams. Just like online casino operators have taken advantage of the rise of smartphone and tablet use to increase their reach and revenue, e-sports is another great example of making the most of the power of mobile.

As mentioned throughout this article, mobile usage has brought millions of new users online, broken down the barriers to internet access, and improved the quality of our online experiences. This has created opportunities for both the ordinary man on the street and businesses looking to make the most of the technology that has seen industries such as online gambling and e-sports reach the mainstream.

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