A Rundown of the Top 5 Office Collaboration Tools

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Have you worked as a team member, where regular communication is just a natural part of the job, where exchanging documents is typical – amending them, discussing them the norm?

But in order to get the project completed on time it feels like you’re spending more time in meetings than you are actually getting the job done.

And perhaps you’ve wasted half a day tracking down a photocopy or you’ve had to trawl through 6 months of emails to get ‘the latest info’ for someone upstairs. Maybe that file you’ve been working on was the wrong one all along. Maybe the guy sat next to you already processed it but forgot to tell you. Maybe you forgot to ask.

Or maybe you haven’t had that experience at all. Maybe it’s worse and you’re the boss having to witness it all.


Do not fear. You are not alone.

Sometimes the way that project management and general teamwork is conducted is clearly inefficient. This is certainly a case for cloud-based collaboration and project management tools.

The latest software is cool and modern, easy to integrate, simple to learn, and full of bright ideas. But like so many things in life, there just seem to be too many options to choose from. Many offer great all-in-one-packages, each with their own advantages, but which is best for you? Keep reading to find out what we consider to be among the top 5 cloud-based collaboration tools around.

1. Projecturf


Pitching itself as the app that “helps you manage projects, people, and tasks,” Projecturf is very much geared towards the project manager experience. Whatever the size, professional or personal, Projecturf helps you design the project parameters, and then gain traction as you add those who will make up your team. Projecturf provides a host of features for task management, uploading designs and files, and progress analysis.

2. Glasscubes


This is a fantastic project management tool that focuses specifically on helping people collaborate across the team. Perfect for small to mid-sized companies, Glasscubes’ highly user-friendly information-sharing facilities are second-to-none, removing discussion from laborious email setups to sophisticated yet simple exchange forums. These promote group feedback, across-board involvement, and include free conference calling. Furthermore, Glasscubes provide excellent customer support with expert help available online or on the phone.

3. Basecamp


Basecamp is aimed at freelancers and small groups, making it easy to file and design share. Making schedules and organising workloads is particularly straightforward, and these are easily amended and updated. Useful templates also assist with project design for the early phases of project work.

4. ProWorkFlow


Designed for business process optimisation, ProWorkFlow tries to simplify the organisational aspect for project managers so that more time can be spent on growing ideas as you handle major scale-ups. With strong mobile device synchronicity, alerts and project tailoring, it is a far more simple process to delegate as the work grows and takes form.

5. Solo          


Great for time and cost tracking, Solo helps teams complete and keep to deadlines. Project progress is represented in nicely designed, eye-friendly graphs, with a dashboard that is very focused on the user experience.

Explore these options to discover the benefits of office collaboration tools to see what they can do for project management and much more.

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2 thoughts on “A Rundown of the Top 5 Office Collaboration Tools

  1. Excellent article, Deepanshu. Useful set of tools. Cloud based collaboration tools are certainly the way to go. Basecamp looks cool. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at grexit.com)

  2. We had used basecamp for about 6 months, Great tool no doubt but have less to offer in terms of features and in same cost we found proofhub which is more advanced tool with great features.

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