Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Feature a Selfie Focused Camera

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The entire tech world is buzzing with rumors regarding the fourth generation phablet from Samsung – Galaxy Note 4 that is slated to go official on September 3. Now, SamMobile has come up with a report that confirms camera aspects of the upcoming phablet.

galaxy note 4 camera

According to this report, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with a greater focus on selfies. It will feature a 16 MP Sony IMX240 primary snapper that can capture Ultra HD videos at 3840×2160 resolution. Unlike the Galaxy S5, the snapper on the Note 4 will feature the optical image stabililzation (OIS) feature as well.

Furthermore, the report adds on that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with an upgraded front-facing unit that is a 3.7 MP sensor instead of the same old 2.1 MP one. Besides this, there will be much more in store when it comes to the phablet’s camera as it will feature Side Touch, a side mounted capacitive button that will help in clicking snaps. This feature was actually planned to be a part of the Galaxy S5, but it was pulled down at the last minute for unknown reasons.

It is also claimed that the device might use a new gesture to allow the users access the camera even when the display is turned off and it is tipped to involve tapping of two fingers and swiping them away from each other.

Coming to one of the important feature addition, adhering to the trend it is suggested that Samsung will be including selfie focused aspects in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 front-facer. Well, it is claimed to arrive with four new camera models such as Selfie Mode, Wide Selfie, Create a GIF File and Selfie Alarm. Of these the Selfie Alam is a great aspect as it can make it easier to click self portrait pictures using the rear snapper by simply letting it detect the person’s face and click a snap automatically.

On the whole, it appears like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be prepared to handle all the high expectations of the consumers. We will get to know about everything regarding the handset on September 3 when it gets unveiled.

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