Samsung Galaxy S6: What to expect

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With Mobile World Congress 2015 just a few hours away, Android fans across the globe are waiting for the next big member in already dominating the Galaxy family. Since it’s announcement there have been a wide speculation about the next big thing in Samsung Galaxy lineup and plenty of rumours and leaked images circulating on the web. Well that’s it guys. It is only a matter of hours and we are going to see the biggest design and interface overhaul in Galaxy lineup. It is a well known fact that samsung has a history of highlighting these bigger events like MWC. And this year also keeping with the pace samsung s6 alone going to be a showstopper among number of big and small brands showcasing there smartphones tomorrow at the MWC 2015. So here is what we expect from the next flagship from Samsung which is definitely going to be company’s most powerful smartphone to date. s11. Quad HD Display

All of you have been following rumors related to Samsung S6 will probably know that evry single rumor till date has pointed to the arrival of Samsung S6 with a quad HD display. Quad HD is display with a resolution of 2650×1440 pixels which surely is a step up from full HD display as depicted in Galaxy Note $ and Note Edge. And with the current technology and expectations there is no way Samsung is going to compromise for Quad HD display. Let’s wait and watch what happens as S6 is unveiled tomorrow. "ProEXR File Description

2. Slim Design and Curved Display

Till date all the leaked photos of Samsung S6 points to a slimmer design. So far we have seen many key players launching phones with slim designs and most recently, iphone 6 is comes at just 6.9 mm thick, S6 is definitely going to be around this number. Samsung note Edge’s arrival hints at company’s plans for 2015. As Edge incorporates a bent display wrapping around the corner so we can expect S6 or its variant to unveil with a similar technology.  s4

3. Exynos 7 Octa core processor

Samsung S6 is definitely going to be blazingly fast and everyone knows it. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 been already rules out S6 is expected to come with Exynos chip as it has been used in various flagships so far. Exynos 7 is expected to deliver a power packed performance particularly in battery life. Samsung has already hinted at exynos processor in their teaser released recently.s5

4. 20 MP OIS Camera 

LG Innotek boasted a 20 MP OIS camera and Samsung don’t want to left behind in this category. Earlier it was reported that Samsung is already working on a 20 MP camera with image stabilization so this is the right time to reveal it. With rumors suggesting a 16 Mp unit but as they are , only rumors. It will be quite clear when the phone is unveiled tomorrow.gsmarena_001

5. Ram and Storage Capacity

With number of models with 3 GB and 4 GB flooding the market, S6 is definitely going to pack something big. As far as storage capacity is considered rumors time and again hinted at 32 GB, 64GB , 128 GB variants of S6. If leaked images are to be believed then memory slot is missing from the purported photos. With many big brands following the suit of launching various models based on storage capacity all eyes are on Samsung S6 now. Whether expandable memory slot will be present or not, totally depends on Samsung’s creative minds behind the S6."ProEXR File Description

That’s all we expected and certainly some of our expectations may be proving correct but who knows. Let’s wait for big day tomorrow as the mystery about one of the most speculated smartphone unveils.

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