Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260 Review – An Entry Level Smartphone

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You must be here as you’re planning to buy a new smartphone (probably Android one) and you’re short on budget. Your budget is approx Rs 7000 and you’ve found Samsung Galaxy Star Pro in this price range. Well I’m here with a genuine Samsung Galaxy Star Pro review so that you can know whether this device is worth of its price tag or not.

One thing you must know about Samsung Galaxy Star Pro is that it’s an entry level smartphone, so don’t expect high performance from it. Although there are smartphones from other brands like Micromax, GIONEE, Karbonn and many other in this price range but your decision of going with Samsung one is good (due to its better customer support than all those brands).

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260 Review

Let see what we got here in the Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260 review. I used this device for two days regularly and found it worth of its price tag. Yes, it is worth of the price I paid for it but it still got certain issues which may change your decision of buying it.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Review

When I completed my research then I was left with two options, Galaxy Star Pro and Galaxy Trend. Both these devices look identical but there was a difference of Rs 1000 in the price tag due to the advance rear camera of the Galaxy Trend.

I selected Galaxy Star Pro as it is newer model and it was also coming into my budget. When I compared the camera of both the devices then I didn’t found any impressive differences which helped me to keep my decision with Galaxy Star Pro.

Design and Build

Galaxy Star Pro holds a better design at least from the Galaxy Y and Galaxy Young. It got a silver colour bar which moves around the device and act as a midline between rear and front part. Front and back part are made up of plastic.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260 Review

“Every new Galaxy smartphone look identical to an older one”, said the shopkeeper and its true as well but we can’t expect a device to hold a unique or very impressive design in this price range.

The front got 4 inch display with a physical home button in middle along with touch sensitive back and menu buttons while the rear part got a 2MP camera along with a loudspeaker. There is a Samsung branding at middle of the back. As it supports dual SIM cards so there is a branding about that on the front. All over the design is simple.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260 Hands On Review


When I started using Galaxy Star Pro then at first glance I didn’t found the display any good. This is due to the fact that I was using Sony Xperia P as my primary smartphone since three months which holds a LCD display while in case of Galaxy Star Pro it was the TFT one.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260

The display holds on to a resolution of 480×800 pixels and measures exactly the 4 inch with pixel density of 233ppi. I was able to use it in direct sunlight and display was also good at different viewing angles.

I can conclude the display review part with ‘good’ tag as smartphones in this price range do not work better in the direct sunlight but Galaxy Star Pro was doing that very well.


I gave the Wi-Fi as breakfast to the Galaxy Star Pro after starting and added lots of useful apps which I generally keep in my smartphone. I’m also fond of Subway Surfers game but unfortunately the game wasn’t able to play well.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Android Jelly Bean Review

Yes, you can’t play the latest version of Subway Surfers on Galaxy Star Pro. The game was installed and it was running as well but the device wasn’t able to manage running that for longer which resulted into the hanging problem. If you’re thinking of playing the latest Subway Surfers game on this device then it’s not going to happen but you can still play the older versions of this game (may be the first one). Galaxy Star Pro got only 512MB of RAM which is the reason of this issue.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260 Android Software

Multitasking offered by the Galaxy Star Pro was good and I was able to play 3-4 apps altogether easily without facing any lag. Google Play music app was also working smoothly. But when the numbers of active apps rise over 5 then I was able to see lags in performance.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260 - Voice Search4.1 Jelly Bean is the version of Android installed on this device with Samsung’s TouchWiz skin. The software of the device is extremely good. I even found the some quality Google apps which are part of Jelly Bean version only.

It doesn’t have GPS but got HTML browser (Chrome works very well), Stereo FM radio with FM recording, accelerometer sensor and Google Voice search app support.

Galaxy Star Pro got 4GB of internal storage and single core CPU (Cortex A5) clocked at 1GHz. Having 4GB of internal storage is really good and it helped me to make my decision of buying Galaxy Star Pro as I’ll be able to install more apps without needing to swap apps on the SD card. It also supports SD card of maximum size 32GB.

Overall, CPU is not good enough to hold latest apps but the software does manages the resources pretty well which I think the best feature of Galaxy Star Pro.


Samsung Galaxy Star Pro

There is a 2MP camera on the rear which is also capable of recording videos. I wasn’t expecting any charm in the camera but it was still able to take pictures of better quality than my old Nokia phone having the same 2MP camera.

Data Connectivity

As I mentioned in starting that Galaxy Star Pro supports dual SIM cards pretty well but there is no 3G capability which is a major setback for me, though it was offering good speed with the 2G data pack.

It got Wi-Fi with hotspot feature using which you can use the data pack of Galaxy Star Pro to access internet on another device or laptop having Wi-Fi. Bluetooth (4.0) and microUSB port are other data connectivity options.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260 Price

Wrap up

During my two days of continuous usage, Galaxy Star Pro required the charger for about 5-6 times in a day that clearly means that the battery life is not so good. It can last for half of the day with general smartphone usage.

Overall, the device is worth of the price Samsung is asking you to pay but it misses out GPS, 3G and more RAM storage. If these three features were there in the Galaxy Star Pro then it would have become better. It’s clearly an entry level smartphone.

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