How to setup your new iPhone with ease

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Apple’s iPhone can be considered as the one of the dream machine or device that each user dreamt about. This is mainly due to the brand value and build quality. Compared to the iPhone 5S the number of users in the iPhone 6 has been increased to a great extent. Some of the users are continuously upgrading from the iPhone’s well some of them are migrated from other devices.


Here is a tutorial about “Getting started with your brand new iPhone”. Well the tutorial can be split in to 2 categories. The first one is for those who are upgrading from the iPhone’s and second is for those who are migrating from other devices.

Upgrading from an iPhone

This tutorial explains for those who are upgrading from an iPhone. If you are already using an iPhone there is no need for an explanation because all things are similar to the old iPhone 5S. Before start using your iPhone 6 just do a complete backup of your old iphone. This can be done using the iTunes or iCloud. If you are backing up using iTunes just follow the below steps:

  • Install the latest iTunes software on your PC or MAC.
  • Connect your iPhone 6 to PC or MAC using the data cable.
  • Launch the PC app and click the green sync button on the PC.
  • Just don’t play with those further. Let the PC do rest of the things.
  • Wait till the message appears on the screen. That’s it your phone is completely backed up.

If you are backing up via iCloud then follow the steps:

If you are on iOS7 and iOS8 then the device will make backup automatically on the daily basis. For doing it manually navigate to settings and choose iCloud. Within that select “Storage and Backup”. Now tap “Backup Now” button. Wait till the process complete because it’s going to take long time. Also it depends on the network speed of your plan.

Now turn on the new iPhone 6. The phone itself guide through couple of steps. Once you see “Restore from iTunes”, connect your phone to PC and open iTunes. It will automatically check for the files and recommend you to restore it. Just select the restores available looking to the date and click “Restore Button”.

If you are planning to restore it from iCloud services just select “Restore from iCloud” Backup instead of iTunes. Now sign in with your AppleID and corresponding password. After signing in select the required restore from the list and tap “Restore”. Once the restore is complete the device will restart automatically.

Migrating From Other Device

If you are Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone user and now started using the iPhone you will not be able to restore the phone’s settings and other options. But your mail and contacts can be restored easily.

Many of the smartphone platforms has the facility to sync all the contacts and email directly to their corresponding account. Just simply signing in to those account will sync the respective contacts and emails. If you’re an Android user all the contacts will be stored in your Gmail account and you are in a Windows Phone the respective contacts will be saved on the outlook account. You can download the respective Smartphone applications from the iTunes.

If you are looking to restore the iTunes music or movies to your brand new iPhone 6 you don’t have to do anything. Just search for the respective music tracks or movies in the iTunes and play them.

That’s it all about getting started with your brand new iPhone. Hope the tutorial helps.

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