Shared vs Reseller Hosting: Which Is Better For You?

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Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service which allows organizations and individuals to come up with a site that is accessible via the internet. Large companies and organizations around the world need to be connected to the internet so as to be able to market their brands, send emails, files and many more to other sites. Most companies rely on computers for providing detailed information on goods and services for online orders. In web hosting services, there are various types of hosting; shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, among others. As a business person you might be torn in between having a shared web hosting or reseller hosting for your business. You must be well versed with both of them so as to be sure what will be good for your business.


  • Shared web hosting: in this type of web hosting, your website is placed on the same server as other clients sites. They may range from a few sites to many depending on the number of hosts. However, all domains might share the same server resources like the RAM and the CPU. All the features available in shared hosting are not as flexible and are very basic; these are in terms of updates and software.

Shared Vs Reseller Hosting 1

  • Reseller web hosting: in this type of large hosting services, clients are allowed to become web hosts. Unlike in shared web hosting, individual domains are able to function. All these depend on who the reseller is affiliated with. Resellers’ accounts vary according to their virtual dedicated server, collocated server and the size of the server. Moreover, many resellers provide service to their providers’ shared hosting plan and also provide technical support.


  • Shared web hosting is meant for one owner and comes with only one cpanel. In resell hosting, accounts are meant for one owner that wishes to resell their hosting but act as the owner of the hosting company.
  • Shared hosting is able to host unlimited domains on a shared plan. This is simply done by adding domains to your cpanel. In reseller web hosting, you can have up to 10 or 20 cpanel accounts. Cpanel reseller hosting is set up from an individual domain.

Shared Vs Reseller Hosting 2

  • Shared hosting does not support reselling on shared plans. If for instance you need unlimited number of control panels, multiple SSL certificates and multiple IP addresses, you can choose the reseller account. Moreover, you can choose the reseller account if you want WHM and control over DNS zones.

Benefits of having reseller hosting;

  • It is able to separate websites into their own cpanel accounts and is recommended when managing multiple websites.
  • Reseller hosting is also recommended if you plan to provide services to other business companies and if you are planning to host websites for your customers.
  • Reseller hosting has the following beneficial abilities; further DNS zone modification, uses private and branded name servers, free hosting billing software and free enom domain name reseller.
  • It has multiple IP addresses and multiple SSL certificates; but these incur an additional fee.
  • It has the ability to also use anonymous name servers and a branded control system.
  • It provides a free site builder for your clients.

Shared Vs Reseller Hosting

  • Website designers and developers choose reselling accounts because it utilizes the Web Host Manager to control multiple cpanel. These are great solutions for people with multiple websites.


When choosing between shared and resell hosting, you should consider the type of business you have and the clients you are trying to attract. Many clients prefer having the reseller hosting because it has more advantages over shared hosting.

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