Is Smart Luggage The Answer To Your Travel Problems

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Do you travel often? If your answer is yes, then we have another question for you. Have you ever lost your luggage? More specifically, have you ever had an airline or travel agency misplace your bag?

In 2014, the average number of lost bags was about 7.3 per 1,000 passengers. In recent years, that number dropped to a “historic” low, at about 3 to 6 bags per 1,000 passengers. The lower numbers sure are comforting, especially if you made it to your destination with your gear intact. If you’re one of the few who didn’t, there’s sadly little to no consolation.

The idea of losing a bag, and all your belongings inside, can be terrifying. But there is a way to combat the issue, along with several other concerns. So far, we’ve only discussed a scenario where the airline loses your bag. What if someone steals your stuff or walks away with it?

The answer is smart luggage.

Yes, that means luggage and carry-on bags are the latest items to get the “smart” treatment. But unlike, say a smart wearable that tells you when you’re stressed, smart luggage has a handful of innovative features to offer.

You Can Track Their Whereabouts

For starters, most smart luggage options include GPS and location tracking. Thanks to a mobile app, you can check in on your bag’s current whereabouts no matter where it is. So, if you get on a flight to LA, and your bag ends up on a flight to New York, you’ll know. Of course, you can’t do much about it if your flight has already taken off, but at least you’ll know where your stuff is.

The same is true if your bag is stolen or misplaced. You can always track its current location in real-time and get live updates when something relevant happens like it moves far away.

Planet Traveler’s Bag Has a Proximity Sensor

In addition, to location tracking, Planet Traveler offers smart luggage with a proximity and anti-theft feature. The proximity alerts are great when you’re waiting at the luggage turnstile or carousel trying to discern which bag is yours. You will automatically receive notifications when the bag is nearby.

A digital bio lock – with a fingerprint sensor – and anti-theft features mean the bag, and all your stuff inside is pretty well protected too.

Travelmate’s Bag Will Follow You

The Travelmate Robotics smart luggage will follow along behind you, hot on your heels like a brand spanking new puppy. How awesome is that?

You can load your bag with heavy goods or clothes and just leave it be. It will follow you closely, even in crowded spaces like an airport. Perhaps even more surprising is that it includes sensors to keep it from bumping into people and objects along the way.

No more lugging your bags around huge, wide-open spaces. Now, your bag will drive itself.

Of course, Travelmate’s bag also includes an external battery to charge your devices, a mobile app, unique security features, and more.

G-Ro’s Bag Can Go Off-Roading

Let’s be honest. The wheels on most luggage systems are atrocious. Have you ever tried to lug it through sand, gravel, or a similar surface? The G-Ro Carry on is perfect if you do a lot of outdoor traveling or need to pass over rough surfaces. It has two huge and extremely handy all-terrain wheels that can glide over nearly any surface material.

Plus, it includes an integrated 23,400 mAh portable power pack to charge your devices, which is insanely large. It can charge the average smartphone a total of 10 times before it too needs to be charged again. There are 2 USB ports available so you can even charge a couple devices simultaneously.

There are Plenty of Smart Luggage Options

We only discussed a handful of bags and features available. But there are so many more, so many we haven’t even touched on.

The Neit Luggage will collapse into a thin form-factor when you’re not using it to save space. The Bluesmart Black Edition is a great piece of luggage for international travel, with features like a built-in digital scale, an automatic remote lock, and more.

All in all, your luggage could be doing a whole lot more for you than just holding your belongings. Imagine being able to track your things at a moment’s notice? Imagine a security lock that automatically secured the bag after you accessed it and forgot? Imagine a proximity sensor that will let you know your bag is headed down the turnstile towards you?

So many features, and so many options. Honestly, it’s a wonder why anyone would travel with conventional luggage at all anymore.

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