Sony Xperia Tablet Z4: All You Need To Know

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This MWC most of the brands were busy launching their flagship smartphones but Sony did something else. It launched a Tablet and too with pretty impressive features to speak off. Sony is all about creativity, innovation and revolutionary design and time and again they have proved it pretty well. This time with a tablet too they have won the hearts of all the Sony Xperia fans across the globe. Let’s move on the table now. Sony dubbed the newest kid in the block as Tablet Z4.



Design and Display

The 10.1 inch Tablet Z4 is available with a 2K display and currently being touted as the slimmest tablet in the whole world with 6.1 mm thickness and is ultra light. Stretching the limits of technology and sporting highest resolution with  brightest screen and vibrant colors Tablet Z4 is the best viewing experience we can hold in hands. With a display built on Sony TV technology it offers the stunning picture quality with a resolution of 2560 X 1600 pixels. It screams quality in first impressions. xperia-z4-tablet-gallery-01-1240x840-248ac84a11183345ca3c9ba6e8ce15e4

Processor and Memory

It will be amazingly fast and will do things in blink of an eye packing a 64 bit Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor underneath. With 3 GB of Ram it commands respect and deals with powerful hardware which are among the best not only on tablets but also on Smartphone standards. It comes with a 32 GB built-in storage which can be further expanded using memory card. As Sony has cared to provide a memory card slot.



Camera and Battery 

Tablet Z4 comes with an 8 MP rear camera with special focus to work in low light conditions delivering beautiful and sharper images. At the front it is equipped with a 5 MP snapper. This combination we have seen many times but only in smartphones. So considering it a tablet these are pretty descent specifications  in perfectly designed Tablet Z4.




Drawing juice from a massive 6000 mAh battery unit it will definitely going to last long with all the web surfing offering a seamless movie viewing and gaming experience. With an emphasis on faster connections and faster media transfer it is capable of 50% faster Wi-Fi speeds as compared to previous members of the tablet family. So sharing all those big files and downloading big games will be smoother and faster than before just like a walk in the park.

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