Sqlbak – One Stop Solution For Database Backup

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In the world where businesses are going online and most of the individual users also using social networking site where they upload pictures and videos as well. Did you ever thing, where those data are stored?

In online Databases which are powered by some Database Servers. In case the database is stolen, deleted or crashed, there will be big problem for businesses.

So what you can do to safeguard your database?

You can secure using some codes and online tools, but still, there won’t be 100% guarantee that your database is safe.

In such case, the best advice one can give you is to have a backup plan for your database.

But you might be focusing more on the business part than handling the technical issues, and even you hire a guy for this, taking backup manually is not recommended because if the DB data is big, it will take a lot of time. Therefore, subscribing to a tool or management software that takes the backup automatically after you set up once.

And, when we talk about such tool, SqlBak.com is the best name we can suggest because it is anefficient as well as quite an affordable tool for database backup.

What actually the SqlBak is?

SqlBak is one of the best online tools to take automatic backup of SQL server database. Apart from backup, it does monitor your DB for performance and keeps notifying you via emails. In case you lose the database, you don’t need to worry as in a few clicks you will be able to restore the database as well.

Features of SqlBak

  1. Easy setup.
  2. The desktop client is available.
  3. You can schedule backups as you want.
  4. Get the backup stored anywhere you want such as FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.
  5. Get the notification of Database server performance as SqlBak monitors it too.
  6. In case of adatabase crash or stolen, you can restore in just a few clicks.

How to get started with SqlBak?

The very first thing is to visit the official site at sqlbak.com and download its desktop client. First of all click on the Download Menu item, and click the download link given on the page to download.

Once download, install the app on your PC and launch. When you launch it, you will be prompted to enter the Secret Key which is used to connect the app to your account at SqlBak.com.

Go ahead, and sign up on the site, and get the Secret Key from there, and enter that into the app, and click Connect.

After it is connected, you will be asked to enter SQL server credentials to be connected to the database. As you enter the details, authentication will be done.

That’s it in the app.

Now, login to your account at sqlbak.com, and click on Add a new backup job

And, setup the things as asked. Don’t worry they are just like selecting the options.

Once you are done with it. There is nothing more to do.

As per the schedule, the backup will be being taken and sent to the storage that you authenticate while adding the backup job.

Apart from backing up, your database is also monitored for performance. If there is any issue, you will be notified via emails.

In case the database is deleted, you can use the restore option to restore the database in just a few clicks.

That is it!

When it comes to pricing, SqlBak is the most affordable service of its kind.

As you can see, their most basic plan is free. So, at least try them out, and if you are satisfied, you can go ahead and upgrade your plan.

If you have any question regarding SqlBak, please let us know.

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